Hi, Aquarius!

Welcome to your ⭑ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ⭑ for JUNE 2023!

3-6: MERCURY conjuncts URANUS in your 4th House (Home, Family, Roots, Land).

Get ready for a burst of innovative ideas and sudden insights that could potentially revolutionize your approach to home, family, and your sense of roots and stability, dear Aquarius! This transit brings a heightened focus on your domestic life, inner emotions, and connection to your roots, and your ancestral heritage. You may experience a strong urge to create a harmonious living environment, perhaps by doing something new and spontaneous with the house or with your family. However, remember to carefully analyze any risks involved before making significant changes to your living situation or family dynamics! ‘Wag pabigla bigla ha! Be cautious, but remain open-minded and adaptable, allowing the universe to surprise you with unexpected breakthroughs in self-discovery and a stronger sense of emotional security. ❤

4: A FULL MOON happens in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

Full Moons symbolize emotional peaks, marking a time of culminations and realizations. When it lights up your 11th house, it signifies a considerable shift in your friendships, hopes, and collective endeavors. During this time, you might engage in deep reflection and experience intense emotions, so make sure to carve out some quiet time for yourself! The Moon’s supportive connection with Mars infuses your friendships and group activities with new energy and drive. While this might not be immediately obvious, it can lead to a greater sense of empowerment concerning your social circle and future goals. It’s a perfect time to strengthen your friendships, contribute to a group project, or redefine your long-term aspirations. You might find yourself organizing a community event, rallying support for a shared cause, or even realizing a long-held dream of course with the help of your connections. Remember, issues related to your friendships, social networks, and future goals may come into focus. So, embrace this vibrant energy to release what no longer serves your social interactions and dreams, dear Aquarius! Harness this transformative Full Moon energy to bring your desires to reality and embark on a journey of social development and collective empowerment. ❤

5: VENUS enters and travels through your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

As Venus, the planet associated with love and values, moves into your 7th house, it brings a focus on relationships and partnerships, dear Aquarius! This time encourages you to deepen your bonds and engage in meaningful communication with others. You might find that your charisma is particularly strong, attracting opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in both personal and professional areas of your life. Pwede ka makaatract ng partner ngayon, You could find yourself making key decisions with a partner, or discovering more about how you relate to others. This period is a great opportunity to enjoy the process of cooperation, negotiation, and mutual understanding. However, with Venus going retrograde next month, it will be a time for you to reassess and reevaluate your relationships and how you interact with others. So make the most of the positive energy now, nurture your relationships, and prepare for introspection in the coming weeks. Enjoy this period of growth in understanding and connection, Aquarius! ❤

11: MERCURY enters and travels through your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!).

When Mercury enters your 5th House, it brings a heightened focus on creativity, self-expression, personal enjoyment, and romance. This transit enhances your communication skills and intellectual pursuits, dear Aquarius, making it an ideal time for expressing your romantic feelings, engaging in heartfelt conversations with potential partners, and nurturing existing romantic connections. This is a favorable period for brainstorming, creative writing, and pursuing intellectual or artistic projects that bring you joy. Use this time to embrace your individuality, let your creative and romantic side shine, and connect with others who appreciate your unique qualities. Embrace the opportunities for self-expression, intellectual exploration, creative fulfillment! ❤

18: A NEW MOON happens in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Pleasure, Children!).

A New Moon in your 5th house brings fresh beginnings and opportunities in yourpersonal creativity, romance, and self-expression, dear Aquarius! This lunation urges you to reassess your personal passions, romantic relationships, and the way you express yourself, setting intentions for more joy, love, and personal creativity in your life. Unexpected opportunities for a new creative project, romance, or even a fresh approach to expressing your unique self might pop up, so stay open-minded! Now is a perfect time to start a new hobby, reignite or begin a romantic relationship, or simply rediscover what makes your heart sing. ang ganda ng energy so make the most of it! However, be mindful, as the Moon forms a square with Neptune, adding a layer of dreaminess and imagination to your plans. Stay discerning and ensure your plans remain grounded and practical, avoiding the pitfall of overly idealistic thinking! It’s easy to get carried away with grand dreams without a solid plan. Manifest a solid foundation of joy, love, and creativity through practical action, to lessen any risk! ❤

21: SUN enters and travels through your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

Prepare for a shift in focus, as the Sun enters your 6th house, dear Aquarius, bringing attention and vitality to your work, daily routines, and overall well-being. With the Sun illuminating this area of your chart, you can expect a surge of energy and a renewed sense of purpose in your daily life! It’s a time to prioritize your health, refine your routines, and strive for greater efficiency and productivity. This period encourages you to bring enthusiasm and passion to your work, as well as to take care of your physical and mental well-being. Embrace opportunities to improve your skills, establish healthy habits, and make positive changes in your professional life. Remember to maintain a healthy work-life balance and find joy in the tasks you undertake! Allow the Sun’s radiant energy to guide you in creating a harmonious and fulfilling daily life that contributes to your overall happiness and success. ❤

25-27: MARS in your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships) squares URANUS in your 4th House (Home, Family, Roots, Land).

Brace yourself, Aquarius! With Mars in your 7th house squaring Uranus in your 4th, you may experience tensions between your relationships and home life, leading to possible disruptions, unexpected changes, and the need to balance your partnerships with your domestic needs. Be mindful as unforeseen conflicts might arise in your relationships or within your family! This period calls for you to embrace change, assert your needs in your relationships, and find innovative ways to manage your home and family life. It’s a transformative time within your partnerships and domestic sphere, but remember, even amidst these potential shifts, maintaining respect and diplomacy should always be your guide!

27: MERCURY enters your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

When Mercury enters your 6th House, it brings a heightened focus on your daily routines, work, health, and organization. This transit enhances your communication and analytical skills, dear Aquarius, making it easier for you to attend to details, streamline processes, and communicate effectively in your work environment. You’ll find yourself naturally inclined to take a systematic approach to tasks, problem-solving, and managing your responsibilities. This is a favorable time for refining your skills and organizing your workspace. Pay attention din sa health and well-being, as Mercury here encourages you to analyze your routines and make adjustments for greater balance and productivity. Use this period to communicate your ideas, enhance your professional skills, and foster a disciplined approach to work and self-care. ❤

★Good Luck, AQUARIUS! See you next month! ★