2021 06:Banner:03 Gemini


Welcome to your ✭ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ✭ for June 2021

2021 06:Solar Chart:03 Gemini

From the 2nd of the month, VENUS enters and travels through your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, and Self-Worth.

Such good energy to start the month, dear Gemini, as Venus here helps boost your finances and good fortune! With this transit, you become magnetic when it comes to opportunities for earning. Since restricted pa ang movement ngayon, work with what you can. Are there ventures that you can make online? Go ahead and explore options. Small bounties may appear, like presents or favors coming out of nowhere, most especially if you are Gemini rising. However, extra abundant din ang pakiramdam, so you may engage in unnecessary spending! You may give in to buying things that are extravagant even if hindi pasok sa budget. All in all, be careful when it comes to online shopping or kahit ordering food. Little expenses add up!

From 3 – 7, MERCURY in your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body) is square NEPTUNE in your 10th House (Career, Profession)

Fog in da house ya’ll! This week requires extra caution, especially since Mercury is still retrograde. Neptune is very nebulous, and at times, can numb our senses. Deception may occur pag hindi ka alert, kaya best to sit up, be present and pay attention! If you come across important information, write it down. Kahit note lang sa cellphone! Refrain from doing anything to your body for now, no treatments, no surgeries, nothing that alters the physique. Very important yan. Also, misunderstandings now can happen, parang Mercury Rx in steroids, so make sure instructions and any kind of correspondence are worded  properly. Consequently, if there are things that are unclear for you, do not be afraid to clarify!

From 3-7, too, MARS in your 2nd House (Money, Personal Finance) is opposite PLUTO in your 8th House (Joint Finances, Other People’s Money, Transformations and Intimacy)

More complexity ahead, dear Gemini. Be conscientious about money and resources for now. You may be easily triggered this time, and you may act rashly, or maybe say things that you may later regret. This period in-between eclipses can be quite erratic/volatile, so it’s best to tread carefully! Mars and Pluto in an opposition usually denotes tension between physical and the psychological responses. You my have issues with spending, or maybe you feel like splurging on something that would require temperance. Arguments may ensue around money, perhaps conflicts regarding what you bring in the table and what you take. Understanding how to balance both can bring harmony. Kaya mo yan!

On the 10th, a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, and Self-Projection.

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids. The energy for new beginnings is massive, especially for those of you born on June 6-15! The next 6 months will be all about self-reinvention, the rebirth of a brand new you, dear Gemini! There will be a strong need to change the way you present yourself to the world . For example, bagong buhok, new cut na new color pa, magpapa-payat, mag papa-muscle, bibili ng bagong wardrobe, basta bago! New opportunities to redefine yourself and how people know you may happen now too, so keep your eyes and ears open!

However, an important reminder: Eclipses are shadows covering the light. May mga bagay ka pa na hindi nakikita or naiintindihan ngayon. It’s best to avoid big purchases, investments, experimental hairstyles, or cosmetic surgery at least a week before and after the eclipse. May tendency for things not to turn out as expected, especially since Mercury is also retrograde. Prevention is better than cure di ba? Better safe than sorry!

On the 11th, MARS, enters and travels through your 3rd House of Communication, Siblings, and Short-term Travel.

Mars enters your 3rd house, and boy oh boy, things are about to get a whole lot busier! Your mental activity increases significantly, and madami kang mga kailangan kausapin ngayon, for so many reasons. People will contact you and ask for your opinions, workmates will need your advice, friends will want to spend time. Madami ka din kailangan puntahan ngayon, meeting dito, meeting doon, busy kung busy! Hopefully lifted na ang lockdown by this time. Madaming mga plans na fino-formulate, and madaming mga skills na kailangan i-review. There is a tendency to be very impatient, especially with driving, or with machinery, kaya operate mechanical things with care  ‘Wag magmadali kasi because accidents due to carelessness and haste are prone to happen now, so take extra precautions, especially now that Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde too! If you are Gemini rising, take care na hindi kayo magkapikunang magkakapatid, kasama din kasi yan sa effect ng transit na ‘to!

From the 12th-18th, SATURN squares URANUS, adding friction and frustration between your 9th house (Higher mind/Education, Travel) and your 12th House (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

Get ready for the second hit of this transit! Saturn is about tradition, responsibility, and holding fort. Uranus is all about disruptions, innovations and unexpected events. Travel, Relationships and interactions with foreigners, or with people based abroad may be stressful and you may feel anxiety, exhaustion and fatigue, dear Gemini. School may feel overwhelming, especially for those in medicine, law, and other long term courses. Those studying double degrees or MBAs may find this energy draining, too. Make sure not to over-book yourself during this time, to mitigate whatever heavy energies this transit may bring. Prioritize rest, and kahit busy, allow time for contemplation. It’s important to take things one day at a time, no need to rush! Look back last February too, for clues on how this may manifest. Events that happened back then may find continuity now, as the 2nd part of a 3-part story line that ends later this year.

On the 20th, JUPITER turns Retrograde in  your 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation, and Public Persona.

After a month of hope and general positivity, Jupiter goes through his annual backward dance. For four months, luck may seem lackluster. Meron naman pero there is more caution and introspection. Hindi dali ng dali. We may tend to feel like we must work a little bit harder to be able to make things happen, as we adjust to society’s ‘New Normal’. This is a period where you may start to feel closed-off, kahit na unti unti na lumuluwag ang restrictions ng quarantine. Career issues may come up, and growth may feel slower compared to the month before. This period is necessary, as it shows you details that you may have carelessly missed while operating on shaky ground. Think of this as a “maintenance period”, a chance to refine and tune-up, in terms of your career and profession. Kayang kaya mo yan, one day at a time!

On the 21st, the SUN enters your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, and Self-Worth.

Your main focus now settles towards your money and security sector. Ideas for maximizing your earnings may easily come to you now, kasi super important sa’yo ngayon ang security and stability. Paano mo sisiguraduhin na sa susunod na magkaroon ng lockdown or emergency, handa ka? You can easily spot opportunities this time, so keep your eyes and ears open. Since very stressful ang recent months, baka magresort ka sa retail therapy, which is the shadow side of this transit! Burahin mo muna siguro ang mga online shopping apps hehe!

On the 23rd, MERCURY turns DIRECT in your 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, and Self-Projection.

After 3 tricky weeks, MERCURY, the planet of communication, finally turns direct! Decisions made during the last 3 weeks may be revisited now. Time to re-build the any damages, if any! Pwede na bumili ng gadgets. Expect issues or confusion surrounding 1st house themes to dissipate, as you see things with sharper focus. Mag sorry sa mga nasaktan, or be humble enough to accept apologies that you may receive or both! Enjoy the clarity!

On the 24th, a FULL MOON happens in your 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can occur. Do you have concerns about your joint finances, business and/or personal, dear Gemini? Madami bang power struggles with partnerships/partners recently na mabigat na sa pakiramdam? The 8th house runs deep — it is the house of transformation and intensity. Perfect ngayon to identify everything that you feel you should let go of, in terms of joint partnerships, joint finances, and disproportioned intimacies. There may be culmination that perhaps leads to either a confession or a strong realization regarding these areas. Make sure you have contingencies in place, pag dating sa joint finances, para hindi mo magalaw ang mga funds na hindi dapat galawin. Always remember to trust that the process will bring you closer to where you should be!

On the 27th, VENUS enters your 3rd House of Communication, Siblings, and Short-term Travel.

This is a great time to get involved in community activities, kahit social distancing period pa din ngayon. Joy can be found through smooth communications and secure connections to the community. You may feel the need to share more than usual in social media, to heighten the awareness on current issues. Wherever Venus is, is where you are most magnetic, so most probably madaming mag bigay ng attention and mag like sa mga posts mo ngayon. You may feel the need to reach out to your siblings as well, or maybe they do the reaching out. Make sure they are ok, and bond with them! connecting with them will bring you a lot of joy, so text or call. ❤

✭ Good Luck, Gemini! See you next month! ✭