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Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for June, 2019!

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On the 3rd of the month, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth.

Make sure you have a pen and notebook at all times, kasi this month’s New Moon is known for bringing in wonderful insights and inspired ideas! New Moon energy helps us facilitate new beginnings, and this only happens in your money house once a year! Sudden financial opportunities may come up for you now, kaya make sure na listo ka ngayon pag dating dito. Ideas on how to further grow your business, and on how to invest your money may be abundant now, kaya make sure you note everything down, so you can maximize and take advantage of the energy!

On the 5th (until the 27th), MERCURY travels through your solar 3rd House of Communication, Intellect, Immediate Environment, Siblings and Short-term Travel.

Mercury represents your mind and intellect, and with Mercury entering its natural house, expect a month of communications galore! This a great period for discovering and learning new, practical skill sets that will be useful for you in the years to come, dear Taurus! Pwede din ngayon magkaroon ng important conversations between you and your siblings, or kung may maselan ka na  kailangan i-discuss sa kapatid mo, use the timing, ngayon mo na ischedule! Also, this is a great time to plan for little getaways –  short, out-of-town trips are favorable this period, and this month, you are most likely to find yourself travelling kung saan saang probinsya. Don’t worry, during these trips, you are most likely to find affordable deals na super sulit!

Starting on the 10th throughout the month, VENUS travels through your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth.

This transit brings with it a pleasant boost when it comes to your finances! Financial concerns may ease up during this time, as solutions may present themselves out of the blue, so keep your eyes and your ears open! Little favors, art-infused gifts and cash bonuses can suddenly appear, lalo na if Taurus rising ka! With Venus here, however, the attraction of shiny beautiful things are also at an all time high, kaya mag ingat sa mga impulsive purchases, lalo na kapag malaki ang presyo. There is a general feeling of abundance kaya naman masarap gumastos ngayon. Ok yun kung madaming pang-gastos! If you are watching over your spending, it’s best to avoid online shopping sites, and areas where there are alot of sales. Mahirap mag pigil ngayon!

From the 14th to the 27th, MERCURY conjuncts with MARS in  your solar 3rd House forming an OPPOSITION with the SATURN-PLUTO conjunction in your solar 9th House. 

Taurus Ascendants, please take note! During the second half of the month, a d2019-06:Mars-Pluto Opposition:02 Taurus.pngramatic, challenging aspect called the Opposition (180° angle), happens multiple times between your 3rd and 9th solar houses, also known as your “Mental Axis”. 

May tendency ka makaramdam ng intense push-pull energies, between exploring the great beyond, and viewing the big picture, versus focusing on the details and basics of what urgently needs your attention. Your mind and your will are focused on being productive and logical at the basic level, but the pull of adventure and everything foreign and exotic pulls you back from the task on hand, preventing you from fully being present, and appreciating the ‘now’. You may also realize that what you are doing now, may not seem to be the right path towards your life plans, or your big dream. This realization may cause you to question your decisions, and reality altogether.

Gusto mo maging clear and specific pero the last 2 weeks of June will find you a bit vague, with a tendency to generalize alot. You are prone to disappointment during this period, and you may become a little insensitive, kaya try your best to be mindful of others!  Do not blame others for your discontent. Your inaction is not anyone’s fault. Hurtful words may be said na mahirap na bawiin, so please think before you speak!

On the 17th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

Full Moon energy helps us to close cycles and process endings, so we can continue evolving and growing. This month’s Full Moon happens in your 8th House – big changes across the border of your life are in order, dear Taurus! The Full Moon here instigates transformation, especially when it comes to how you merge with another – joint finances, joint ventures and your deepest intimacies are all up for review during this time. Are you happy? Are you joint finances in order? Are you feeling supported, and are you receiving the right kind of intimacy, physically and emotionally? These are things that come up for inspection during this time. 

May mga kailangan ka pakawalan, to make room for that which serves you and your evolution better. Sometimes, fixed signs like you tend to hold on to so many things past their expiration date. Kailangan ang mga period na ito, to make sure that you do not get buried under a life that doesn’t have much meaning, for you! It’s not always easy, but always necessary! Review mo ang mga bagay na kailangan mo na bitawan, and let the energy of the Full Moon help you in letting go. In time, you will be able to see that it was all worth it, pangako yan ❤

On the 22nd, the SUN enters your solar 3rd House of Communication, Intellect, Immediate Environment, Siblings and Short-term Travel.

After so many activations in this part of your sky, the main focus finally settles in! For the next 30 says, your presence will be in-demand, with people calling and texting and just wanting to converse and connect with you. Gusto ka lang nila kausap, or to hear your opinions. Your online presence may also be boosted during this time, and supported naman ang mga activities mo, madaming likes ang mga posts, for sure! It is important for you to communicate, to hear and be heard! Possible din to want to go out on a spontaneous joyride wherever – again… perhaps a little out of town trip with the siblings. Mental activity is high now, and this is a good time to connect to people through technology, and of course, the best way of all – old school tambay and kwentuhan 🙂 Face-to-face time is always much better than Facetime! ❤

From the 27th through the end of the month, MERCURY travels through your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

After a busy month of activity and connnecting, Mercury rests a little! With Mercury in your house of home, nakatutok ang mental focus mo ngayon sa pamilya, bahay or properties mo – mapapansin mo yung mga maliliit na details that you would usualy gloss over – yung kanto ng table may tama, yung sofa madumi na, hindi bagay ang curtains, kailangan na palitan! Okay yan kasi nag-kakaroon ng attention sa mga kailangan na i-update or i-repair. Communication between you and your family is also favorable now – malinaw ang conversations ninyo, especially with you and your parents. if you need to discuss something with them, now is the perfect time to open things up!<3

❤ Best of Luck, Taurus! 🙂 See you next month! ❤