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Wecome to yourCOSMIC WEATHER REPORT for June, 2019!

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On the 3rd of the month, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

What a great way to start the month! New Moon energy in general helps us facilitate new beginnings, so this is a favorable time to reflect about the issues you have in your relationships, and what you can do to be able to smoothen them out, if any. This particular one brings with it an additional doze of encouragement, when it comes to speaking up and communicating, kaya mataas ang possibility na makahanap ka ng solusiyon sa mga relationship mo ngayon, be it personal or business partnerships. Healthy time ito for meeting new clients, or for presentations, lalo na pag one-on-one ang set-up! 

For singles na naghahanap, this is a great time to reflect and manifest the ideal person that you are looking for – ano ba ang gusto mo sa isang partner? Ano ba ang important traits na hinahanap mo? As with anything in life, it will be easier to find, if you know what you are looking for. It is much easier to attract, if you know what you are trying to attact! Use this time to figure these details out!

On the 5th (until the 27th), MERCURY travels through your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures.

Mercury represents your mind and intellect, and with Mercury in the 8th house, the mind goes into your deeper layers, bringing a focus onto the innermost, hidden parts of your psyche. Malalim ka mag-isip ngayon, and madali kang magkakadiscover ng mga bagay through research, or through paying attention to your gut feelings. There is a need to merge yourself with another during this time, and ang conversations ngayon na trip mo e yung may substance talaga, may pagka malalim, hindi lang puro small talk.

This is a favorable time to review and plan your investments. If you put your attention to refining your financial plans, money earned through joint ventures can be significantly improved during this time. Kung may palpak sa accounting, mabilis mo din ‘yan mapupuna ngayon! Walang lusot, kumbaga. Listen to your intuition, and use this time to iron out things na usually ay mahirap pagusapan. Mas mahahandle at mas magagawan mo ng paraan ‘yan ngayon.

Starting on the 10th throughout the month, VENUS travels through your solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

This transit brings with it a pleasant boost when it comes to your relationships, romantic, business or otherwise, dear Sagittarius!  Happy, harmonious energy is in the air – you are more diplomatic and considerate, kaya naman this is a great time to deepen your bond and iron out any difficulties in your committed partnerships. 

If single, this is a time kung saan ramdam mo ang singleness mo, and magkakaroon ng subtle focus on wanting to find someone that you can fall in love and partner-up with. Hindi yung basta fun fling lang ha, but someone na pwede mo makasama long term, na kasing kaladkarin mo, pag dating sa travel and adventures! If you are Sagittarius rising, this is a marvelous time to go out on dates and meet people, kahit online dating lang muna. Attractive kasi ang energy mo ngayon, and putting the effort in, increases your chances tenfold! Malaki ang chance for any one-to-one interaction to yield positive results, kaya go go go for it! ❤

From the 14th to the 27th, MERCURY conjuncts with MARS in your solar 8th House, forming an OPPOSITION with the SATURN-PLUTO conjunction in your solar 2th House. 

Sagittarius Ascendants, please take note! During the second half of the month, a dramatic, challenging aspect called the Opposition (180° angle), happens multiple times between your 8th and 2nd solar houses, also known as your “Financial Axis”.

2019-06:Mars-Pluto Opposition:09 Sagittarius

May tendency na magsulputan ang intense na push-pull energies, between accepting your  dependency on others (not just materially, but emotionally as well), and your craving for independence, and self reliance.

During the last year or so, alot of changes have happened to you in regards to your ability to earn, the projects you’ve been offered – perhaps the main direction of your career made a sharp turn somewhere, and all of a sudden you found yourself needing to step up, as your rebuild you sense of self value and self worth. However, life may also throw you some situations during this period where-in kailangan mo lunukin ang pride, at tumanggap ng tulong.

For whatever it’s worth, remember that your ability to accept and receive graciously does not, in any way, take away from your ability. Hindi malayo magkaroon ng sumbatan ngayon, and alot of hurtful words may be said during this period na mahirap na bawiin, so think before you speak!

On the 17th, a FULL MOON happens in YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions and Self-Projection.

Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. This particular one is all about you, dear Sagittarius! Unhealthy habits may be ending for you, habits like sobrang pagpupuyat, or maybe something as simple as not drinking enough water, will be easy to improve upon. Happy ka pa ba with your style, your manner of dressing? In terms on interacting with others, lagi ka nalang ba nag bibigay, kahit hindi masaya sa heart? lahat yan ay magandang gawan ng paraan ngayon, kasi perfect time ngayon to let go of habits of self and of self presentation na hindi na nakakabuti para sa’yo. Ilista mo lahat yan tonight, habang bilog ang buwan, kasi sobrang ganda ng energies ngayon for self improvement. Again, writing things down may help in focusing the energy towards your goals, so take advantage!

On the 22nd, the SUN enters your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures.

The main focus finally settles on to your 8th house of intimacy and other’s resources, na which is quite activated already. The 8th house runs deep, and the Sun here makes you a bit more intuitive and inquisitive – are you getting what you want out of a partnership? Are you still meeting each other’s needs? What you have and what you lack in your close partnerships can be points of focus for you  for the next 30 days, so take note of ideas and thoughts that pop up because they are going to be truly insightful.

Condusive ang energies for researching and discovering deep truths, kaya interesting conversations may materialize! This is also a good time to focus on better ways to improve your investments, so keep your mind open and alert, the next big thing for you might just be around the corner!

From the 27th through the end of the month, MERCURY travels through your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners.

The month closes with Mercury entering the 9th house, and here, it craves for learning and growth! Napagandandang transit nito para sa mga nag-aaral, especially if college pataas. Para kang sponge ngayon, with your mind eager to extend and expand! This is a great time to correspond with people from abroad, or mga foreigners, kaya ayos to kung nagtatrabaho ka sa multinational company na foreign based – your frequency kasi now is very conducive for long distance explorations and anything that has to do with foreign countries and foreigners. Sakting energy ito for you, dear Sagittarius! Sa mga may LDRs (Long Distance Relationships) or kahit chatmates palang, wagi ang communication style mo ngayon. Take note, so you can maximize the energy! ❤

❤ Good luck, Sagittarius! 🙂 See you next month! ❤