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Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for June, 2019!

2019-06:Solar Chart:12 Pisces

On the 3rd of the month, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

New moons usher in possibilities for new beginnings – mataas ang energies ngayon, for manifestation! This month’s new moon happens in your house of home, dear Pisces! New beginnings regarding family and home may present themselves – may mga balak ba mag lipat? around this time will be a great time to move, or kahit maghanap lang ng malilipatan, pwede din. For others, pwede itong maging period kung saan may renewal ng relationships between family members, especially you and your parents – bisitahin mo, magparamdam ka. Kamustahin mo. Maganda ang magiging outcome nito para sa inyo lahat! For those naman wanting to start a new family, this is a great fertile period to take advantage of! Supportive ang energies for concepcion! Kung walang balak, e alalay muna, hehe. Take the necessary precautions! ❤

On the 5th (until the 27th), MERCURY travels through your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children!

Mercury represents your mind and intellect. For the next 3 weeks, you are more charming in the way that you communicate – although mas malambing, mas klaro din and mas madali when it comes to your self-expression. Do something fun with your significant other! You are very good company and masaya ka kausap ngayon, hindi brooding, hehe, kaya naman most wanted ang company mo! Sa mga single, take advantage of this! You are will be able to converse well on dates during this time; magaan and masaya ang aura ng kwentuhan ngayon! Also, this is a great time to learn a new hobby or craft, mataas kasi ang pick-up mo ngayon pag dating sa creative expression, arts, and even sports! ❤

Starting on the 10th throughout the month, VENUS travels through your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

This transit brings with it a pleasant boost when it comes to your home and the interactions you have with your family, and your closest friends. There is a general feeling of quiet contentment, as you enter a short kind of “nesting” phase – there is joy in just staying at home and enjoying the comfort and security that your home brings. This is a great time to bond and to catch up with your family, especially your parents! Kamustahin mo sila, if matagal na kayong hindi nakakapag-usap.

For home makers, this transit is known for a little bit of splurging when it comes to buying things for the home – decorative things most especially, since Venus here adds the need to beautify your living space. OK naman yun, lalo na kung matagal mo nang napapabayaan ang bahay, or kung matagal na hindi na u-update ang furnishings nito. This is a great time to check everything, to make sure na yung mga gamit niyo e working and in good condition pa. However, do not get carried away with sales, or online shopping! Again, malakas ang tendency ngayon mag over shop, so take extra care!

From the 14th to the 27th, MERCURY conjuncts with MARS in your solar 5th House, forming an OPPOSITION to the SATURN-PLUTO Conjunction in your solar 11th House.

2019-06:Mars-Pluto Opposition:12 Pisces.png

Pisces Ascendants, take note! During the second half of the month, a dramatic, challenging aspect called the opposition (180° angle), happens multiple times between your 5th and 11th solar houses, also known as “The Axis of Expression“.  

You may experience intense polar energies that push and pull you in different directions – on one hand, you want to prioritize yourself. You want to try to push for your own happiness, dear Pisces, and well and good, as you should! However, on the other hand, your default is to merge with the needs and the collective expression of your group – your friends, company, or any organization that you a part of. Ang dami mong gusto gawin para sa sarili mo, na hindi necessarily makakagaan para sa lahat. Maybe you need some time out to pursue your creative endeavors. Maybe gusto mag time out sa responsibilities kasi gusto mo muna i-prioritize ang love life! Lalo na kung single ka! Pampasaya lang naman, pang pa-inspire lang. Why not?

The potential for frustration is very high during this time, kasi nahihila ka between your personal needs, and what the world needs, from you. Nakakadrain yan. When you insist on being completely dutiful and social, pwede magkaroon ng resentment, kasi yung mga bagay na gusto mo talaga gawin, hindi mo na magagawa.

Arguments may indeed happen. Hurtful words may be said during this period na mahirap na bawiin. If you are the recepient of the harsh words, try not to take it personally. It will pass, and marerealize din nila na mali yun. Be as understanding as possible. Also, make sure to think before you speak!  ‘Wag papadala sa emosyon!

On the 17th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. Perhaps you are wrapping up a project for work, or maybe closing a chapter when it comes to your career. Some cycles are coming full circle, dear Pisces, and ready or not, kailangan na natin mag move on! Although endings are not always easy, they are pretty necessary, in order for us to continue growing and evolving.

Are there concerns in your career that need to be addressed? Are you living your truth, career-wise?  Are you happy with how the world sees you? What legacy do you want to leave? The Full Moon shines a light on these concerns. Whatever the answers may be, trust that you are supported, and that the Universe will always help you bring your plans to fruition. ❤

On the 22nd, the SUN enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children!

After alot of little activations, the main focus finally settles in your 5th House of Joy! This is one of the most light-hearted fun places for the Sun to be at, dear Pisces! During this time, happiness is prioritized, and whatever makes your heart happy takes centerstage. The 5th house rules things that we do because we simply enjoy them – kumain ng ice-cream, tumawa, basa ng comics, mag-date, falling in love, arts and crafts, spending time doing hobbies, playing games, etc. Important ngayon ang  creativity and authentic self expression, so maraming darating na creative thoughts sa’yo na pwedeng mag translate into good business ideas! Make sure to take note of them, para hindi mo makalimutan. You are more expressive and very receptive to showering and being showered with affection and romance, so this is also a good time to go out and meet people, especially if single! Charming ka ngayon, maganda ang energy mo! Enjoy and use this time well! ❤

From the 27th through the end of the month, MERCURY travels through your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service.

The month closes with Mercury entering your house of everyday Work! Mataas ang potential for high productivity! This is a great time to improve on your daily routines, dear Pisces – for example, possible na may madiscover ka na mas magandang daan papasok sa work, or baka may mapagusapan kayo ng workmates mo na bagong sistema na mas makakagaan sa trabaho mo.

Mas detail oriented and disciplined ka ngayon more than usual, kaya maganda ang quality ng output. Take care not to be too fixated with micromanaging everything! May side effect kasi ang transit na ’to na medyo Obsessive-Compulsive pag dating sa mga details, kaya as much as possible, be laid back lang during these next couple of weeks. Do something good for your health routine too, malaki ang maitutulong ng exercise sa pag disperse ng anxiety and nervous energy! ❤

❤ Good Luck, Pisces! 🙂 ❤ See you next month! ❤