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Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for June, 2019!

2019-06:Solar Chart:10 Capricorn

On the 3rd of the month, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service. 

Make sure to have your pen and paper on standby, dear Capricorn! The month opens with a New Moon that is known to bring in flashes of insight and inspired ideas – this is a wonderful time to schedule brainstorming sessions and other activities kung saan highlighted ang need to converse and communciate. New Moon energy helps facilitate beginnings in general, kaya kung may mga kailangang projects or events na umpisahan, especially regarding the workplace or regarding your physial health, perfect ngayon magumpisa ng research and planning! If tapos na ang planning and launching na mismo, maganda to schedule it around this date, to take advantage of the favorable energies!

On the 5th (until the 27th), MERCURY travels through solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

Mercury represents your mind and intellect, and this time, it enters your house of relationships! Expect an increase in communication ngayon with your significant other, dear Capricorn. Good time ito for strengthening your relationship kasi nakatutok talaga dito ang attention mo. If single naman, super good time Ito to go out on dates – good conversationalist ka ngayon, more than usual! Kaya pa ihabol sa araw ng mga puso! Business partnerships din can take center stage, within the next couple of weeks.  This is usually a great time to just converse and to experience harmony within your partnerships, kahit client meeting, basta 1 to 1, okay din ngayon! Because of this air of diplomacy, ok to sign contracts and agreements ngayon. Use the energy wisely! ❤

Starting on the 10th throughout the month, VENUS travels through your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service. 

This transit adds alot of ease in your daily errands/ day to day work. Magaan ka ka-trabaho, pati mga co-workers mo, madali rin katrabaho ngayon. At the very least, oen and diplomatic enough ka towards them, and this greatly helps you accomplish your routines and daily chores. Mataas ag productivity mo during this time, dear Capricorn, mas enjoy ka kasi ngayon sa ginagawa mo, plus wala masyadong pabigat sa trabaho. Kung meron man, madali mo ma ha-handle. Make the most of this energy!

Wherever Venus is, is where you are most magnetic, so wag ka na din magulat kung may mag papa-cute sa’yo ngayon sa office, or may aamin na secret admirer. 6th is also the house of health, and Venus is known to be very indulgent, so be careful with over-eating ha, lalo na sa sweets! Known side-effect ang weight gain sa transit na ito! 

From the 14th to the 27th, MERCURY conjuncts with MARS in your solar 7th House, forming an OPPOSITION with the SATURN-PLUTO conjunction in your solar 1st House. 

2019-06:Mars-Pluto Opposition:10 Capricorn.pngCapricorn Ascendants, take note of this! During the second half of the month, a dramatic, challenging aspect called the opposition (180° angle), happens multiple times between your 7th and 1st solar houses, also known as your ‘Relationship Axis’.

May tendency na magsulputan ang intense na push-pull energies, between prioritizing others – your partnerships, romantic or otherwise, and  prioritizing  your personal wants and needs. The last couple of years, madaming mabigat na energies na nagdala ng madami pagbabago sa buhay mo. At the moment, relief seems to still be far from the horizon – in fact, parang wala ng katapusan ang mga mabibigat na pangyayari! You try to reach out, but parang wala namang nakakaintindi talaga. If single, this time may magnify loneliness. Watch out for self pity and negative thoughts!

Hindi malayo magkaroon ng sumbatan ngayon, and alot of hurtful words may be said during this period na mahirap na bawiin, kaya  please please please, think before you speak!

On the 17th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

Full moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. This month’s full moon will shine a light on things that are outside your comfort zone – your fears, anxieties, traumas, emotional baggage. You may be faced with endings that are difficult, but necessary. Use the energy of the Full Moon to help you walk away. You are entering a new era, a better, more evolved level of existence, and starting a cycle always goes hand in hand with certain endings.

You will be introspective about things, situations or people that you have to move on from, because they do not serve you anymore, and vice-versa. Take the time to reflect – what is holding you back from living a full, happy life? What baggage do you cling to, that you need to let go of? This is the perfect time to identify them. Know that the Universe supports you, and that whatever is taken away, will be replaced with something that will be much better, tendfold. Rest easy, and trust the process, dear Capricorn! Trust, trust trust!

On the 22nd, the SUN enters solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

After alot of sporadic activations on this life area, the focus here finally fully settles  into ‘the other’ – the spotlight completely  turns to your  relationships, and one-to-one interactions. This is a great time to renew your partnerships – you are diplomatic and you value harmony now more than ever during this time of the year. Nakakapagod na maki-pag talo, wala naman talagang nanalo sa away, lahat malungot pagkatapos.  Kung walang partnership na irerenew, this is a great time para maghanap, or mahanap, so put yourself out there! Konting break naman muna from too much working. Kung single, perfect time ngayon to go out and mingle, kasi  you radiate a gentle, harmonious aura that people will want to partner-up with. This is also a good time for client work – mabilis kang makakarelate sa mga kausap mo, and ganun din sila sa’yo. Take note of this! 

From the 27th through the end of the month, MERCURY travels through your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures.

The month closes with Mercury entering turning inwards, and entering your 8th house – the mind goes into your deeper layers, bringing a focus onto the innermost, hidden parts of your psyche. Malalim ka mag-isip ngayon, and madali kang magkakadiscover ng mga bagay through research, or through paying attention to your gut feelings. There is a need to merge yourself with another during this time, and ang conversations ngayon na trip mo e yung may substance talaga, hindi lang puro small talk.

This is a favorable time to review and plan your investments, dear Capricorn. If you put your attention to refining your financial plans, money earned through joint ventures can be significantly improved during this time. Kung may palpak sa accounting, mabilis mo din ‘yan mapupuna ngayon! Walang lusot, kumbaga. Listen to your intuition, and use this time to iron out things na usually ay mahirap pagusapan. Mas mahahandle at mas magagawan mo ng paraan ‘yan ngayon! Make the most of this transit! ❤

❤ Good Luck Capricorn! 🙂 See you next month! ❤