2022 07:Banner:05 Leo


Welcome to your ⭑ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ⭑ for July 2022!

2022 07:Solar Chart:05 Leo

From July 1-3, MARS in your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners) squares PLUTO in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

The month starts with precarious, explosive energy, dear Leo, so around these dates, be extra cautious! Do not be callous! ‘Wag mag madali, ‘wag mag risk. Status quo lang muna, especially when it comes to traveling, or interacting with foreigners. Traveling can take a toll on your health, so make sure you take care, get enough sleep, and proper nutrition. This transit may cause heavy feelings, and mga pag-iinit din ng ulo, when it comes to defending your belief systems, or going against the beliefs of others. As much as possible, try to steer clear of conflicts and confrontations. Make sure to prioritize safety at all times!

On the 5th MERCURY enters your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

You are closing a Mercury cycle, dear Leo, making this a period of quiet and self-reflection for you. You may feel wistful and sentimental, as you look back on the road you’ve had to travel, to get to where you are now. This is also a time of planning, instead of action. Since the 12th house is also the house of secrets, you may feel the need to reveal a secret, or inversely, a secret may be revealed to you. ‘Wag ma praning ha, this is not necessarily a bad thing!

Also on the 5th, MARS enters your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona).

Your career receives a boost of focus and energy from transiting Mars, dear Leo! The planet of work and forward movement here gives you expanded vitality, motivation and drive, so this is often a period of heightened productivity. Self promotion may do you well, so be proud of your talents and abilities. Put yourself out there! Your vision is clear, and you are set on achieving your goals, kaya conflict may arise with those who believe get in your way. Stand your ground and don’t say yes, when you really mean no! Don’t be afraid to fight for your ideas. The potential for accomplishment is very high now, so use this energy well!

on the 14th, a FULL MOON happens in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

This month’s full Moon is particularly intense, exchanging dynamic, challenging energies with Pluto (obsessions, intensity) and Mercury (mind, communication). You may feel emotionally vulnerable under its effects, so expect to be in your feelings! Health wise, you may feel uneasy and tired, so don’t overbook yourself during this time. Since you’ve been contemplative leading to this lunation, have you realized things about your job that you need to take care of? Perhaps concerns that need to be voiced out, or mga issues sa co-workers/employers na kailangan i-iron out? Whatever it is that you want to let go of, in terms of your job or mga bad habits that are harmful to your health, pwede mo gawan ng paraan ngayon. If you have plans to work, make sure you have contingencies for everything! Cover all bases. This is also a good time to stop vices. Detox mode ka muna ngayon! Taking care of your health should be a priority for now. Malakas ang energy for change, and supported ka dito ngayon, more than any other time this year. Take advantage!

On the 18th, VENUS enters your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

Wherever Venus, is where you are most attractive, and when Venus is in the 12th house, affection is usually expressed behind closed doors, in private. During this time, you will find joy in solitude and introspection, as you reflect on your recent experiences in life and love. There may also be a lot of reminiscing now, as you play memories of the past in your head, again and again. Pasok na pasok ang mood post pandemic era! Try to clear your mind, dear Leo, and do your best to let go of these past events/narratives that are weighing you down. You need to recharge your heart during this period, so rest,  para when you start your new love cycle next month, fresh ka!

On the 19th MERCURY enters your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, Self-Projection).

Welcome to a new Mercury Cycle, dear Leo! This gives you a boost in confidence when it comes to expressing your thoughts and your ideas. Since new normal na,  you may find yourself more engaged now with online discussions, along with the slowly resuming face to face interactions that are now slowly opening up. You may find that you are now more vocal with your opinions on current issues. Listen well to others and remember, that conversation is a two-way street! You are very credible now, and people are likely to pay attention to whatever you have to say, so use this energy well!

From 19-21, the SUN in your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things)is opposite PLUTO in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

Push and pull energy can be felt during these days, as the Sun (main focus, identity) engages in a  challenging conversation with Pluto (intensity, transformation). Unnecessary confrontations, power-plays, or just exhausting see-saw energy may happen between the 2 houses where the transit happens. Strong fixations and compulsions can manifest during this period, and possible arguments may arise with those who get in the way of your goals!

On the 23rd, the SUN enters  your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, Self-Projection).

Your season begins, dear Leo, and this starts with the Sun illuminating everything that is you! Kahit na hindi pa tayo completely out of the woods pandemic-wise, it’s still a good time to feel empowered, and to do things na nagpa-pasaya sa’yo, as long as you don’t put anyone in harm’s way! You feel assertive, energized and bold, and this will bring great things to you! Maaaring mag-umpisa ngayon ng mga bagong resolutions, mga exercise programs, at anu-ano pang projects na nagre-reflect ng genuine wants and needs mo for your solar year ahead! Go forth and shine like the star that you are!

Lastly, on the 29th, a NEW MOON happens in your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, Self-Projection).

This month’s fun and expansive New Moon happens in YOUR sign, dear Leo, bringing in opportunities for you to change your appearance/physical body, and how you present yourself to the world! You might want to change your haircut, or maybe buy new clothes. You may feel like you’d want to start taking care of your body more, and you may be open to exploring exercise or diet programs. Your thoughts are magnetic, kaya naman best time ngayon to reflect and meditate on your personal goals as this will make manifestation much easier! Write down your goals and trust that the Universe will help and guide you, so you can bring them to fruition. ❤

⭑Good Luck Leo! See you next month!⭑