A sky this active, spells CHANGE in big bold letters, and well, as being the most fixed of all the signs, this might make you sliiiightly uncomfortable. Your natural reaction to change kasi, is caution, hesitance and resistance, and ok naman yun. After all, Taurean energy is the most stable, most grounding of all – it is through Taurus that we experience the necessary security that we need, in order to feel truly safe. Kaya lang, change is an important reality of life, lalo ngayong second half of 2018. As Uranus is also in your sign now, magsasasawa kayo sa kasabihan na ito – ‘expect the unexpected!’. But as to what you can actually, tangibly expect, well, let’s start!

On the 10th, JUPITER turns DIRECT, finally, in your solar 7th house of relationships and commited partnerships. The past months might have been a bit hazy, having a great boost in your partnerships, only to find out things that are hurtful and confusing. Nakakalito ba. You might feel isolated ngayon, tahimik lang. Ayaw mag share. Now that Jupiter is moving forward, expect more ease and insights and resolutions regarding these matters.

Also, on the 10th, VENUS enters your solar 5th house of romance, pleasure, creativity and children. Romance is in the air, dear Taurus! You are affectionate, expressive and charming, as you tend to be a little bit playful and dramatic when it comes to romance. Magnetic and attractive ka these next weeks, kaya favorable magpa-cute ngayon. Kung single ka, take advantage! This is fun enjoyable transit, where you are expressive, and you openly pursue things that make you happy. Pwede mo din ngayon pagka-kitaan ang mga artistic ideas mo – you are at one of your most creative this time of the year, so take note of all the ideas that may pop up.

On the 12th, A New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 3rd House of communication, neighbors and siblings.  A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon in steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive. Expect some changes when it comes to the way you communicate. Kung madaming nagsasabi na malabo ka kausap, baka ngayon mas matuto ka to say clearly what you want to say. Also, there is transformative energy in your neighborhood, and relationships with your siblings might somehow alter, too. Mag reach out ka sa mga kapatid mo, do something with them. It’s best not to make any major decisions regarding at least 2 days before and after the eclipse – may tendency kasi tayo to overlook details, ergo, malaki ang chance na magkamali.

On the 23rd, The SUN enters your solar 4th house of family, home an ancestry. With the Sun here, your focus is directed towards your home, making this is a great time to strengthen your relationship with your family. Pwedeng na-mimiss mo sila ngayon. Gusto mo mag catch up, sa mga nangyayari sa buhay nila. You will find it enjoyable to stay at home, as these boosts feelings of security and safety. Ok din ngayon to invite people over your house, entertain them, make them feel at home. Homebody ka for now, and ok yun. Masyado na din magastos pag alis ng alis! Masarap din kumain ng kumain so Taurus ha, wag masyado borlogs mode! May tendency ka to gain weight this month, habang nesting phase ka sa bahay. Anyway ok naman din, accepted na ang mga chunky ngayon. Body positivity na ang uso ngayon, no matter what size. Wag lang sobra ha, kasi health mo naman ang madadali.

On the 27th of the month, MERCURY, the planet that rules communications, goes RETROGRADE in your solar 4th house, too. With Mercury Retrograde, communication breakdown is the common theme. Naku, mag iinarte ang mga printer and other gadgets for communicating, kaya be extra patient. Kung may important messages, especially sa family members, twice i-send. There is a tendecy for transportation to be delayed, for tickets to get lost, for seats to be double-booked, so when travelling, make sure you have plan B, C, D. Since this is happening in your 4th House, this is a good time to reconnect with family, lalo na if recently hindi kayo masyado nakakapag-bonding. Expect issues regarding the home and family to come up – pwedeng mag re-surface ang mga hidden tampo na hindi nagpag-usapan. Ok ngayon na plantsahin ‘yang mga ‘yan. Be as understanding as you can!

And lastly, also on the 27th, a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your 10th house of Career and Public Persona, joining retrograde Mars. As with the solar eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse is a full moon on steroids – the energies for moving on and ending things are truly very potent. Pinaka affected ang mga pinanganak ng April 21 – May 1. Malakas at matapang ang energy for change ngayon, lalo na, katabi ng eclipse ang Mars in retrograde. (click here for the Mars Retrograde forecast) Are you unhappy with work? Are you ready to move on and find something better for you, career-wise? Change is very difficukt for you, dear Taurus, but sometimes, it is very much needed in order for us to truly find our happiness. Within the next 6 months, this  Eclipse might bring in situations that will help you to make life-changing decisions that you normally wouldn’t be brave enough to make. Take the time to reflect – write it down, plan for it. The energy is very strong now for manifestation, so trust it and let it guide you onto the next exciting chapter in your life!

Good luck and take it easy, Taurus! Kayang-kaya lahat ‘yan! See you next month! ❤