A sky as busy as this spells CHANGE in big bold letters,  and the hurricane is centered on your relationships.. Your partnerships are in focus, and this might be a little bit tricky, with all the eclipses and retrogrades going on. But kung meron man na kakayanin ito, ikaw yun. You are goal oriented, you believe in finding solutions, in following methods – in fact, very few (if any) work harder than you do. Determination equals you, dear Capricorn! To help you plan ahead, here’s a treat – your July Cosmic Weather Report!

On the 10th, JUPITER, turns DIRECT, in your solar 11th house of Friendships, Organizations, and Wishes. Madami kang nakilala this year, new friends, new people, new groups and associations. The past few months though, you felt the energy of wanting to pull back, and retreat in your safe space. Parang may pakiramdam na nakaka overwhelm. Now that Jupiter is turning direct, expect things to get lighter and much easier!

 Also, on the 10th, VENUS enters your solar 9th house of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners.  Wherever Venus is, is where you are most magnetic, dear Capricorn, so this is highly favorable time to apply for Visas, go on trips and find deals and discounts on travel. There is a craving for mind expansion, whether through extended studies, travel, or interactions with foreigners. There is alot of interest in foreign culture during this time, be it as simple as wanting to enjoy foreign cuisine, to indulging in foreign films, or foreign languages. You might feel attracted towards someone with a different background than you, and you delight in learning through each other’s experiences. Attractive ka din sa foreigners ngayon, so if you work with them, this is a good favorable time.

On the 12th, A New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 7th House of Marriage, Established Relationships, Committed Partnerships. A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive, especially those born on January 7-17.  The next 6 months will find you craving either to level up or push the reset button, when it comes to your committed partnerships. Sa mga single – you might consider being in a relationship, and might even meet someone special during this time! Sa mga coupled na, Madaming dadating na challenges, pamapatibay ng samahan. Madalas nagiging turning point ito, some kind of crossroads, where clear choices are given to you. Your relationship might evolve and mas maging serious – you might get engaged! Sa married na, you might enter a second honeymoon phase! However, pwede din na marealize ninyo na na outgrow na pala ninyo ang isa’t isa, and decide from there. Tempations can happen, and someone enters your life, testing your thresholds. Minsan they are catalysts to help you move from a dead relationship that you feel trapped in. It’s best to avoid risks, important conversations or breakups at least week before and after the eclipse – may tendency kasi for things not to turn out as expected, or pwede ka din magkaroon ng change of heart. Take note of this!

On the 23rd, The SUN enters your solar 8th House of Personal Transformation, Intimacies and Joint Finances. Your main focus for now shifts towards your intimate partnerships, and what they bring to you. This is a good time to retreat a little from the daily grind, and reflect on how you function as a partner – do you contribute enough, or do you feel burdened with providing? Ito ang mga bagay na papasok sa isip mo ngayon. Anything deeply personal takes centerstage now – are your intimate needs being met? naibibigay mo ba ang kailangan ng partner mo? For single people, this is a great time for personal transformation. Are there secrets weighing you down? Maybe you become intensely curious about something or someone na nasa stalker mode level ka – online lang at least hehe. Masarap mag research ngayon, kasi during this transit, there is a tendency to want to shine light on what is hidden. Pero wag mag O.A. ha, lalo na…

On the 27th of the month, MERCURY, turns RETROGRADE in your solar 8th House, too! With Mercury Retrograde, communication breakdown is the common theme. Naku, mag iinarte ulit ang mga printer and other gadgets for communicating, kaya be extra patient. Kung may important messages, twice i-send. There is a tendecy for transportation to be delayed, for tickets to get lost, for seats to be double-booked, so when travelling, make sure you have plan B, C, D. Since this happens in your solar 8th house, mag ingat na hindi maging aggressive tungkol sa mga bagay na madidiscover mo, 8th house is the house of secrets, after all. Expect misunderstandings when it comes to joint finances/ventures.

And lastly, also on the 27th, a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finance, Posessions, and Self-Worth. As with the Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse is a full moon on steroids – the energies for moving on and ending things are truly very potent. Malakas at matapang ang energy for change ngayon, lalo na, katabi ng eclipse ang Mars retrograde. (click HERE for the Mars Retrograde forecast).

Eclipses are like wildcards, shaking things up wherer they land. For the next 6 months, expect situations that will bring about changes in the way that you earn your money. Are there projects now that are  approaching their natural ends? May mga gusto ka bang pasukin na negosyo after or mga bago na gustong subukan in terms of business and income? Expect offers and opportunities to come. Piliin ng mabuti, ‘wag basta-basta magtitiwala. What lessons have you learned in your recent financial endeavors? This period, you are to gain a new perspective on your ability to earn, and how it contributes to your self-worth. In general, reflect on what you need to end, in order to fully maximize your earning potential. This is the best time to finally let go of whatever it is that is holding you back!

Good luck Capricorn!  See you next month!