Hello, Capricorn!

Welcome to your very late ★COSMIC WEATHER REPORT for January, 2023!

3rd (until the 29th): VENUS enters and travels through your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth).

What a wonderful transit to start the year with, dear Capricorn! With Venus moving through your 2nd House, you may find yourself feeling particularly focused on your personal finances and material possessions. This can be a great time to review your budget and make sure you’re on track to achieve your financial goals. Madaming gastos nung holidays so very helpful ang energy na ito! On the other end, you may also feel more inclined to splurge on some luxurious items or treats for yourself. Just be sure to watch your spending and make sure you’re being financially responsible! This is also a time to focus on building your self-worth and confidence in your abilities to earn and create abundance. Remember, true wealth goes beyond just material possessions. Trust in yourself and your worth, and the abundance you desire will follow. ❤

7: FULL MOON happens in your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

Full Moons mark culminations that make way for new beginnings, and with Mercury opposing this lunation, the energy may be a bit heavy! With this particular Full Moon opposing Mercury in your 7th House, you may find that communication is a key theme in your relationships and interactions. This can be a great time to have those difficult conversations and address any issues or misunderstandings that have been weighing on you. Remember to listen as well as speak, dear Capricorn, and try to approach these discussions with an open mind and a willingness to compromise. The Full Moon brings a focus on emotions, so make sure to pay attention to how you’re feeling and try to be honest with yourself and others! This is a powerful time for growth and healing in your relationships, so don’t be afraid to have those tough conversations!

13: MARS turns DIRECT in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health, Service).

Finally, natapos din! After a looong retrograde period (74 days) Mars now turns direct in your 6th House! You may have been feeling a bit stuck or sluggish when it comes to your daily work and routines,dear Capricorn, and a much needed boost is finally here! With Mars direct, you may find that you have a renewed sense of motivation and focus. This is the perfect time to tackle any tasks or projects that have been sitting on your to-do list, or to streamline your daily routines to make them more efficient and effective. You may also feel a burst of energy when it comes to physical activities, so this is a great time to focus on your health and wellness. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and try out new routines or habits that can help you feel your best.  Remember to make time for self-care and remember that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind! Overall, this is a time of new beginnings and the perfect opportunity to make progress in your day-to-day life. Go out and make the most of it!

18: MERCURY turns DIRECT in your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, Self-Projection).

Sa wakas, tapos na ang retrograde season (for now!). As Mercury turns direct in your first house, you may have experienced some inner turmoil or difficulty making decisions about your personal identity or self-presentation. Now that Mercury is moving forward again, you may feel a shift in energy as you are able to think more clearly and communicate more effectively about your goals and desires. You may feel more confident in expressing yourself and making decisions that reflect your true self. This is a good time to review any plans or projects related to your personal growth or development. Remember to stay true to yourself and trust in your own abilities!

17 – 19: SUN conjuncts PLUTO in your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, Self-Projection)

This can bring an intense couple of days, so buckle up, dear Capricorn! As the Sun meets up with Pluto for their annual conjunction (now in your first house), you may feel a surge of empowerment and transformation. This is a time of deep self-examination and the opportunity to shed old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. You may feel a strong desire to assert your individuality and make a bold impact on the world around you. This can be a time of great personal growth, but it may also bring up feelings of vulnerability or insecurity. Soldier through, kasama talaga yan! Remember to stay true to your values and trust in your own strength and resilience. As this transit comes to an end, you may feel a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in yourself and your place in the world!

20: SUN enters and travels through your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth).

As the shining Sun enters your second house of personal finances and material possessions, it’s time to focus on building a solid foundation for yourself. Take stock of your budget and financial goals, and consider ways to boost your income and make smart investments. This transit can bring a feeling of stability and security, dear Capricorn, but don’t forget to have fun too! It’s important to find a balance between financial stability and personal happiness. As the Sun travels through this area of your chart, you may feel a surge of self-worth and confidence in your ability to attract abundance. So kung may funds naman, go lang! Treat yourself to something special – you deserve it! 

22: NEW MOON happens in your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth).

New beginnings are right around the corner dear Capricorn! The New Moon in your second house of personal finances and material possessions can bring new opportunities for growth and abundance. This Moon loosely conjunct Pluto suggests that this may be a time of transformation and letting go of old patterns or ways of thinking about money and possessions. This lunation is also sextile Jupiter, adding a positive, expansive energy to this transit, opening up the possibility for new ideas and growth in these areas. This is the best time to set intentions or make plans related to your personal finances and material possessions, so make a list, dear Capricorn, and work on manifestation! You may feel more focused and driven to take control of your financial situation and create stability and security for yourself. Remember to stay open to new ideas and opportunities, and trust in your own abilities to create abundance in your life! ❤

22: VENUS enters your 3rd House (Immediate Environment, Siblings, Short-term Travel).

What a wonderful transit to end the month with! As Venus enters your third house, you may find yourself feeling more connected to your immediate environment and the people around you. You may have a strong desire for harmony and collaboration, and you may be more inclined to reach out to your siblings or neighbors. This transit can also bring an appreciation for the beauty and aesthetics of your daily surroundings. You may feel a greater sense of joy and pleasure in the simple things in life. You may also have an opportunity for short-term travel or be spending more time on local adventures and exploring your neighborhood, or learning and memorizing a new route. Whether at home or on the go, Venus in this part of your chart can bring a feeling of contentment and appreciation for the present moment. Ganda diba? ❤

★GOOD LUCK, CAPRICORN! See you next month!