Welcome to your very late ★COSMIC WEATHER REPORT for January, 2023!

3rd (until the 29th): VENUS enters and travels through your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures).

What a wonderful transit to start the year with! As Venus graces your 8th house of transformation and intimacy, you may find yourself feeling more drawn to deep, meaningful connections with others. This is a great time to focus on building stronger bonds with your loved ones and exploring new levels of intimacy and vulnerability. You may also find that you’re more interested in financial joint ventures and exploring ways to combine resources with others. This can be a powerful period for creating lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships and aligning your finances with your values. Embrace this opportunity for growth and connection, and don’t be afraid to take a chance on something that feels meaningful and authentic!

7: FULL MOON happens in your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, Self-Projection).

Full Moons mark culminations that make way for new beginnings. This Full Moon in particular, carries with it energies of tension and eventual mastery, if used well. With the full moon shining brightly in the opposite of Mercury in your first house, you may feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. This can be a fun and exciting time, dear Cancer, but also a bit overwhelming as you navigate through all of the changes and self-discovery. You may feel highly emotional for now, since ruler mo ang Moon, so make sure to take a pause, and give yourself “me” time. Importante yan! It’s important to take some time for yourself and practice self-care during this time. Maybe try a new hobby or activity that allows you to tap into your creative side. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and try something out of your comfort zone. This full moon is all about embracing your true self and letting your unique light shine. Remember to have fun and enjoy the ride!

13: MARS turns DIRECT in your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

Finally, natapos din! As Mars turns direct in your 12th house, you may feel a shift in your energy and a renewed focus on your innermost desires and goals. This can be a powerful time for spiritual growth and self-discovery as you tap into your hidden strengths and abilities. You may find yourself drawn to activities that allow you to connect with your higher self or explore your inner world, such as meditation, yoga, or journaling. It’s important to pay attention to your dreams and intuition during this time, as they may contain valuable insights and messages. Trust in your own inner guidance and let go of any doubts or fears that may be holding you back! This is a time of endings and new beginnings, so embrace the opportunity for personal transformation and let go of anything that no longer serves you.

18: MERCURY turns DIRECT in your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

Ah, Mercury direct in your 7th house! Sa wakas, tapos na ang retrograde season (for now!). When Mercury finally turns direct in your 7th house, you may find that the misunderstandings or communication breakdowns that have been plaguing your relationships start to dissipate. You may feel a renewed sense of connection and understanding with your loved ones, and any issues that have been causing tension or frustration should start to smooth out. You may also find that you are more able to express your thoughts and feelings clearly, which can lead to deeper and more meaningful conversations. Overall, this shift can bring a sense of harmony and balance to your relationships and may even bring new opportunities for growth and connection. ❤

17 – 19: SUN conjuncts PLUTO in your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

This can bring an intense couple of days, so buckle up, dear Cancer! As the Sun conducts it annual conjunction Pluto( in your 7th house for a while now), you may find that your relationships undergo a period of transformation and growth. You may feel a deep desire to connect with others on a more meaningful level, and you may be drawn to people who challenge you to grow and change in ways that you never thought possible. You may find yourself dealing with power dynamics and control issues within your relationships, and you may need to work on finding a healthy balance of give and take. Make sure you give time for self care, dear Cancer, para hindi ma burn out! This transit can also bring up deep-seated fears and insecurities that you may need to confront and work through. Ultimately, however, this can be a time of great growth and development for you and your relationships, as you learn to let go of old patterns and embrace a more authentic and empowered way of relating to others. ❤

20: SUN enters and travels through your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures).

When the Sun enters your 8th house, it’s time to get ready for some serious transformation and intimacy! You may find yourself drawn to deep, meaningful connections with others, and you may be ready to let go of old ways of thinking and embrace new, more authentic ways of being. You might also be dealing with some intense financial matters, such as needing to adjust or deal with something about your joint ventures or shared resources. But don’t sweat it, dear Cancer! Make sure you take time to laugh and to focus on your joys, too! Masayado ka na magiging seryoso niyan! When it gets tough, remember that this is all just part of the process of growth and development. Embrace the transformation and let your relationships take you to new heights. You’ll come out the other side feeling renewed and ready to take on the world!

22: NEW MOON happens in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures).

New beginnings are right around the corner, dear Cancer, as the New Moon in your 8th house is bringing some serious transformative vibes! You may be feeling ready to shake things up and let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. Puro letting go nalang, baka kasi hindi pa nilelet go ang mga kailangan i-let go! Kidding aside, this is the perfect time to set some intentions for growth and change in your relationships and to embrace a more authentic way of being. And with Pluto loosely conjunct the Moon encouraging change, and Jupiter in a harmonious sextile with it, you’re sure to attract some good luck and abundance your way. You may find new opportunities for growth and expansion popping up, or you may be dealing with financial matters related to shared resources or joint ventures. Either way, this is a time to embrace the change and step into your power. Go out there and create the life you desire!

22: VENUS enters your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

Ah, Venus in your 9th house, What a wonderful transit to end the month with! This transit brings a touch of romance and beauty to your belief systems, higher learning, and connections with foreigners. You may find yourself feeling more open to new ideas and ways of thinking, and you may be drawn to people who challenge you to expand your horizons. You may also be feeling more adventurous and ready to explore new places and cultures. This is a great time to travel and broaden your understanding of the world, dear Cancer! Whether you’re learning about different belief systems, exploring foreign lands, or connecting with people from different cultures, Venus in your 9th house is sure to bring some fun and excitement to the mix. Embrace the adventure and let your heart lead the way! ❤

★GOOD LUCK, CANCER! See you next month! ★