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Welcome to your first ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for 2020, for the month of January!

Ok game, let’s get this show on the road! 

2020-1:Solar Chart:12 Pisces

On the 3rd of the month, MARS, enters your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

As the month opens, your career sector receives a boost of focus and energy from transiting Mars. This will bring you wonders, dear Pisces! The planet of work and forward movement here gives you vitality and motivation, and mag iintensify ngayon ang need mo for acheivement and recognition. Super ganado ka ka ngayon to work, and this brings you wonderful opportunities. Self promotion may do you well, kahit na hindi ka comfortable diyan sa umpisa.

You may feel so sure of your goals and you may feel like you want to execute alot of ideas, kaya conflics may arise towards those who believe otherwise. Stand your ground and don’t say yes, when you really mean no! Don’t be afraid to fight for your ideas. The potential for accomplishment is very high now, kaya use this energy well!

On the 11th, A Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children! 

Eclipses in general signal in great endings or great beginnings, depending on where it lands on your natal chart. Lunar Eclipses in general are Full Moons on steroids. Some kind of association with a romantic prospect, or a creative project, may be reaching it’s home stretch, reaching a conclusion within the next 6 months. This is usually a period that brings in a clearer picture of what works, and what doesn’t, in terms of what truly makes you genuinely happy  This period will update and re-establish your bounderies, and this may not sit well with others. For parents, things may be shifting somehow in the lives of your children, so take the time to reach out!

Regardless of what happens, always look at the glass as half full – whatever ends, ends because it gave you the lesson you need already, and because you need more room to hold space for better romantic associations, and better creative projects!  Keep your eyes and ears open! ❤

On the 12th, SATURN meets up with PLUTO, in a dramatic conjunction, happening in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes and Wishes. 

For Pisces Risings: For the past couple of years, a lot of intense energy has been building up around issues surrounding your frienships, social networks, and the groups that you represent. This conjunction marks the peak point of this pent up energy. Saturn represents tradition and structure, and Pluto is all about destruction, in order to rebuild and rise again. If your Ascendant is in Pisces, change in this area of your life is inevitable.

Established foundations regarding your social life and organizations that you are a part of, are being tested to the breaking point. Are you in the right groups? Are your friendships genuine, or are you just being used for some ulterior motive? If in a leadership role, how  well can you carry your responsibilities? Bounderies are changing, and people who do not play a role in your personal journey, will have to go for now. There will be a time to rebuild, dear Pisces. However, that time is not now. Before glorious new beginnings… endings first.

On the 14th, VENUS enters YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions and Self-Projection.

This month finds you in your most charming, most attractive state, dear Pisces, so allow the energy to bring you good vibes in abundance! Wherever Venus is, is where we are most magnetic, and Venus in the 1st house definately adds to your charisma and appeal. Madaming ma-aattract and ma-e-endear sa’yo the next  3 weeks. Sa mga Pisces Ascendant na single, take advantage of this time – go out and mingle, Height ng appeal mo ngayon, for the year! There is a gentle sense of wanting to pamper yourself too – masarap magpamasahe, magpagupit, kumain sa labas, mag shopping… It is difficult to deny yourself of your wants and needs during this time, which is well and good. It’s about time na unahin mo naman ang sarili mo! Go lang!

On the 17th, MERCURY enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

You are closing a Mercury cycle, dear Pisces, and this position brings a feeling of wanting to turn inward and being a bit reflective, no matter how busy or how relaxed you may be. Quiet time muna. Mapapansin mo na  mas napapareminisce ka, at naikukumpara mo kung ano ka dati, sa kung nasaan ka na ngayon. Behind the scenes activities are also possible now, and secrets may come to light. You may feel the need to reveal a secret, or inversely, a secret may be revealed to you. ‘Wag ma praning ha, this is not necessarily a bad thing! ❤

On the 20th, the SUN enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

You are about to close another solar year, dear Pisces, and the Sun here makes this a very contemplative period for you. There is a feeling of wanting to just relax and reflect about the past, and where it has brought you. Mararamdaman mo ang pagod mo, and this is the time for slowing down and recharging your batteries.  Maaring the past year ay madaming kang mga responsibilities na inako, and madaming challenges na pinagdaanan, and this is the point where you feel like its time to unload. This is the time to identify emotional baggages, and let go of them, in preparation for a new cycle. Take this time to reflect! Pagkatapos nito, the Sun enters your 1st house again, so energized and busy ka na ulit. For now, take a step back and rest! ❤

On the 24th, A NEW MOON happens, also in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

This month’s NEW MOON also happens in your solar 12th house of endings, my dear Pisces. New moons facilitate new beginnings,  and this one on particular is focused on acceptance, and the need to let go. May pag-ka senti, introverted and dreamy ka ngayon, kaya give yourself a lot of ‘me-time’ and alot of breathing space!

Maaaring ready ka na mag patawad at magsimulang muli. Or malapit na. This is the perfect day to start the process! Kumbaga, #Moveon na, life is too beautiful to be bitter. This can also be a time of spiritual renewal, where your connection to the higher power is strengthened. This is the perfect night for meditation and prayer! What do you need to let go of na hirap na hirap ka? Ask the Universe to help you out. Boldly ask for what you want, and kahit mahirap, trust the process! ❤

Good Luck, PISCES! See you next month! ❤