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Hello Pisces!

Happy New Year! 2019 starts strong – January is very busy, and is quite loaded! Work na kaagad! The energy for this month is heavy and quick – we have 2 eclipses, and Mars, and the planet of action and forward movement, is home! No room for paligoy-ligoy this time, so let’s get right on the action! Presenting – Your January COSMIC WEATHER REPORT!

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 For the whole month, MARS, the planet of Forward Movement, Energy and Action will be on your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth.

You enter 2019 with a great motivation to make moolah, dear Pisces! With Mars on your money house, finding different ways to earn, and actually earning, can bring you kilig like no other! Super focused ka ngayon na Mabawi ang mga ginastos mo during the holidays. Of course, Hindi naman ito all about superficial materiality. There is a great dignity that comes with being able to provide security for you and your loved ones, and this is a tone that will be set at the beginning of the year. Stability is a main focus during this period, true yan, pero paradoxically, directly proportional ang need to earn, with the impulse to spend! hehe. Basically, earning alot makes one feel na may pang-gastos, and since start of the year, masarap i-justify ang mga bagong gamit! Diskartehan mo nalang kung pano ibabalance yan, hehe! 

On the 5th, A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your 11th House of Friendships, Social Networking, Groups and Organizations, and Ambitions.

First week pa lang, may Eclipse na agad! The first half of the year will bring opportunities that will allow you to improve your social network and your business contacts. Solar Eclipses bring in extremely strong energies pag dating sa new beginnings – parang New Moon in steroids ‘yan. The energy for manifestation is very high, and taking advantage of the energy will really be beneficial.

The next 6 months may bring you opportunities for social expansion. Your social network, personal and online, will be undergoing some sort of reconstruction. Alot of changes regarding your friendships and organizations are right around the corner – new people may come in that will be game changers! Ngayon its important to make your network structure more effecient – no unecessary clutter, para as you move forward, magaan!

Also, on the the 5th, MERCURY enters your 11th House of Friendships, Social Networking, Groups, Organizations, and Ambitions.

Alot of mental focus comes into your networking house, strengthening the eclipse, dear Pisces. This is will help you have better discernment, when it comes to what your updated needs are, in relation to groups and friendships. You function very well in a group setting now, and your intellect shines in brainstorming sessions – pag may group to bounce ideas off of, mas madaming lumalabas na inspiring thoughts and ideas. Mag effort ka din to go out and mingle talaga, for you to get to know people better. Hindi naman kailangan malalim na bonding, lighthearted hangouts lang will give you a good idea on what could work, or not. This is a great time to test the waters, especially for new acquaintances you have recently met. Are they worthy to be included in your 2019 line-up? This period will help you determine who stays and who goes, who plays and who gets benched! 

On the 8th VENUS enters your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation, and Public Persona.

Venus joining Jupiter in your Career house, means one thing – fireworks! You are on top of your game, you are magnetic, effective and attractive, kaya naman super good vibes ka ngayon! You approach your job in a creative manner, kasi Venus rules the arts as well. Super chaming ang pag project mo sa public ngayon, so if you are called to do speeches, or if ever you are tasked to be a spokesperson for your work, sobrang effective. Also, there is an attraction towards people in authority – kapability and integrity kasi are traits that draw you in, during this time. You can accomplish great strides in your work,and this is a period na pwede ka talaga mag shine sa Career mo. Really great energy again, to open the year with!

On the 20th, a LUNAR ECLIPSE happens – in your solar 6th House of everyday Work, Routines, Errands, Service and Health.

A Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon on steriods – these are periods that compel us to move on from areas where we find ourselves stuck. May mga bagay na tinatanggal sa path natin, or tayo mismo ang tinatanggal sa mga situations na hindi na nakakabuti saatin. Alot of routine restructuring will define the next 6 months, as you come face to face with the certain habits that no longer serve a practical purpose in your day to day.  Lunar eclipses magnify the energy of for endings, so expect alot of deep realizations during this period, about what it is that you need to cut from your life, so your day to day hustle can become much easier to deal with. This is a good time din to let go of unhealthy habits – situations emphasizing the importance of a healthy mind and body connection may figure prominently during the first half of 2019. Sakto pang new year’s resolution!

On the 21st of the month, the SUN enters your 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Karma and the Unconscious.

You are about to close another solar year, and the Sun here makes this a very contemplative period for you. There is a feeling of wanting to just relax and reflect about the past, and where it has brought you. Mararamdaman mo ang pagod mo, and this is the time for slowing down and recharging your batteries.  Maaring the past year ay madaming kang mga responsibilities na inako, and this is the point where you feel like its time to unload. This is the time to identify emotional baggage, and let go of them, in preparation for a new cycle. Take this time to reflect! Pagkatapos nito, the Sun enters your 1st house again, so busy ka na ulit.

On the 25th, Mercury enters your 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Karma and the Unconscious.

This position brings a feeling of wanting to turn inward and being a bit reflective, no matter how busy or how relaxed you may be. Mapapansin mo na napapareminisce ka, at naikukumpara mo kung ano ka dati, kung nasaan ka na ngayon. Behind the scenes activities are also possible now, and secrets may come to light. You may feel the need to reveal a secret, or inversely, a secret may be revealed to you. ‘Wag ma praning ha, this is not necessarily a bad thing. For all you know, type ka pala ng crush mo dati pa, at ngayon na siya mapapaamin!

Happy new year and good luck, Pisces! See you next month! ❤