And just like that, we find ourselves in the middle of 2018. The sky is electric with so much activity – Uranus, after 7 years, just jumped into Taurus, Mars is about to turn retrograde, Chiron is settling in Aries, and eclipse season is about to begin, to name a few. “But what does this all mean? Ano ang kinalaman nito sa akin?”, you might be asking. As we enter Gemini season, and all of us become a little more curious than usual, a lot of questions might pop up, especially in the finance and romance departments. How will all these energies play out? Crush din ba aka ng crush ko? Magkakabalikan ba kami? Makakamove on na ba ako, finally? May konek ba ito sa lovelife ko? Magkakapera na ba ako soon? Magbabayad pa ba ng utang yung lintik na yon?”

At any given time, as proven again and again through millenia by the ancient glorious art of astrology, the sky holds a lot of clues as to our personal cosmic weather. To get a precise reading, you will need your exact birth time and place, and an astrologer who can interpret your charts. However, even without this, knowing the general hows and the whys or the whens and the wheres can already help you level up your diskarte. Kailangan mo ba ng tulong sa pag sa-strategize? This is where we come in handy. Game na, let the forecasting begin!!!