Hi, Gemini!

Welcome to your ★COSMIC WEATHER REPORT for February 2023!

6: A FULL MOON happens in your 3rd House (Immediate Environment, Siblings, Short-term Travel).

Full Moons bring energies of culminations and completion. When this magnificent lunation shines in your third house, it brings an emphasis on communication, learning, and the people and places close to you. This is a time to connect with those around you and expand your knowledge and understanding of the world, dear Gemini. Local escapades with your siblings or neighbors may be presented now, so keep your schedule flexible! Kahit over night lang sa tagaytay or road trip sa slex/nlex, bahala na kung san aabutin. However, with the Moon also squaring Uranus, you can expect some disruptive surprises. Mag pa-check muna ng mga auto bago mag biyahe, lalo na if long driving! Just make sure vehicles you will ride have tools and extra tires, just in case. But don’t worry, this full moon is all about growth and liberation, so embrace the change and let your mind and heart soar. You never know, you might just make some amazing new connections, learn something mind-bending, or even have unforgettable adventures!

9-11: MERCURY conjunct PLUTO in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures).

With the Mercury and Pluto conjunction in your 8th house, you might find yourself drawn to the darker, more mysterious side of life. This could manifest in many ways such as exploring taboo subjects, researching the occult, or delving into your own psyche. It’s a great time to examine your own beliefs, values and fears, dear Gemini! As a result, you may have a better understanding of yourself and your motivations. However, this transit can also bring power struggles and intense debates when it comes to shared resources and joint ventures. Be careful not to be too controlling or manipulative in your interactions with others, especially with you closest partnerships. Naku, lalo na if may kinalaman sa pera, pwede kasi pag-awayan yan ngayon. You are quite intense for now, and without intending to be, you may sound extra suspicious with everything, causing your partner to be defensive!

11: MERCURY enters and travels through your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

When Mercury, your ruler, travels through your 9th house, you can expect a focus on mental exploration, learning and growth. This is a time when you may feel a strong urge to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. You may find yourself drawn to studying new subjects, taking courses, or traveling to new places. You may find yourself planning trips abroad, or at the very least, you may be drawn to foreigners and foreign culture. This transit can also bring new perspectives and ideas, especially for those working in fields that require creativity and innovation. Overall, this is a time of intellectual stimulation and growth, so embrace opportunities for learning and take advantage of this transit to broaden your horizons! ❤

14 – 16: VENUS conjuncts NEPTUNE in your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona).

Venus conjuncts Neptune in your tenth house on Valentine’s Day, which means that love is really in the air, dear Gemini! This transit can bring a heightened sense of intuition and a desire to connect with others on a deeper, more meaningful level, so whether it’s through expressing your unique talents and gifts in your work, or finding creative solutions to professional challenges, you may find yourself more in touch with your feelings and more open to love and affection from others. ❤ So, embrace the dreamy energy of this transit and use it to infuse some creativity and playfulness into your professional life. Go out, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy! Trust that the universe has a plan for a successful and romantic Valentine’s Day filled with growth, achievement, and love! ❤

15-18: SUN conjuncts SATURN in your 9th House (Belief Systems, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, Foreigners).

When the Sun conjuncts Saturn in your ninth house, it can indicate a time of increased focus on your beliefs, philosophies, and higher mind. Serious ang mood ngayon, dear Gemini. You may be more aware of your responsibilities and limitations in these areas, and feel the need to take a serious and structured approach to your personal growth, and your understanding of the world. This can be a time of practical growth and maturity, where you may be more able to establish stability in your beliefs and improve your ability to pursue knowledge and wisdom. However, this transit can also bring a sense of pressure and restriction, so it’s important to find a balance between hard work and self-care! For those who are traveling today, take note that delays are prone to happen now, so plan for contingencies! 

19: SUN enters and travels through your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona).

This is a great time to set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them, dear Gemini! The energy of the Sun here may help boost your confidence, and may help you feel motivated in your endeavors. It’s also a good time to network and build relationships with those in your industry, as the connections you make now can be valuable in advancing your career. Basta remember to stay true to yourself and your values, as the 10th house is also associated with your reputation. Parang may spotlight sa’yo ngayon, everything you do can be highlighted, where its good or bad! But all in all, this is a great to step up and be noticed. Whether you’re looking to take on a new leadership role, impress your boss, or just give your public image a boost, now is the time to go for it. Kaya go on and put on your best outfit, flash your brightest smile, and let your light shine bright like the Sun! With the right attitude and a little bit of luck, you could be on your way to the top!

20: a NEW MOON happens in your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona).

A New Moon signifies the start of a new lunar cycle and represents new beginnings, fresh starts, and a chance to set and cement intentions that can unfold throughout the year. When the New Moon occurs in the 10th house, it emphasizes situations in your career, profession and your public image. Ano ba ang mga career goals mo for 2023? Now is the best time to identify them and to manifest! Within the next 2 weeks, you may encounter new opportunities for career advancement or you may receive recognition for your hard work. Embrace the potential for growth in your career, dear Gemini, and use this new moon energy to help you take steps towards your desired path. It’s also a time to evaluate your work-life balance and make changes that align with your professional and personal goals! ‘Wag lang puro trabaho ha! Remember to balance your personal and professional life for overall happiness and success! ❤

20: VENUS entersyour 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains).

Venus in your 11th house! What a nice transit to end the month with! You may find yourself spending more time with your friends, or you may spend time meeting new people. Your social circle expands now, dear Gemini, socialite ang peg mo ngayon! You might also feel more inclined to collaborate with others and work on projects together, so this can be good for brainstorming, and formulating plans with your groupmates or your peers. This is a great time to connect with others and build positive relationships, so don’t be afraid to reach out and make new connections! Venus in the 11th house is all about bringing a little extra joy and positivity into your social interactions, so put yourself out there. Go out and make some new friends, or just spend some quality time with the ones you already have. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time! 

Good Luck, GEMINI! See you next month! ❤