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Welcome to your ★ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ★ for February, 2021!

With 6 planets entering your 12th House, this month brings an intense focus into your chart’s area that deals with hidden things spirituality, endings, and the unconscious.

 The spotlight is definitely on you, dear Aquarius! But before we dive-in to the chart, here are a few quotes to set the tone to this energy:

Marcus Aurelius

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Douglas Adams

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Mitch Albom
“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.”
Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet In Heaven

February, let’s go!

2021 02:Solar Chart:12 Pisces

For the WHOLE MONTH, Mars, continues traveling through your 3rd House of Communication, Siblings, and Short-term Travel.

All kinds of communication still feature prominently for you this month, dear Pisces as Mars continues to bring in fiery energy onto your house of  communication and intellect. Madami kang kailangan kausapin ngayon; people will contact you and ask for opinions, workmates may need advice, friends will want to spend time. Madaming mga plans na fino-formulate, and madaming mga skills na kailangan i-review. There is a tendency to be very impatient, especially with driving or with operating machinery, kaya make sure you take extra care – ‘wag magmadali kasi accidents due to carelessness and haste are prone to happen now! If you are Pisces Rising, take care na hindi kayo magkapikunang magkakapatid, kasama din kasi yan sa effect ng transit na ‘to!

On the 1st of the month, VENUS enters 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Thingsjoining Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, and a retrograde Mercury.

Venus moves to your 12th house, and you may start feeling extra contemplative, as you reflect on the events of the past year, before truly looking forward to the year ahead. The start of 2021 seems promising, dear Pisces, but it’s important not to move too fast. You may feel extra sentimental for now. Words that usually may not hurt you, may become offensive for now, so always give the benefit of the doubt and try your best not to take things personally. It’s good to give yourself space to rest and reminisce, so again, if possible, avoid overbooking yourself! Give enough time for rest and relaxation!

From 10th-12th, the MOON joins the meditation party in your 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things. 6 planets here means intensity in this area of your life.

6 planets here means extra intensity in this area of your life. You may find yourself deeply engaged in issues of the past, and in a way, there is a sense now of needing peace and quiet. However, the shapes and colors of life happen, as there are certain tasks on hand that need to be done. During these 3 days most especially, you may feel heightened fatigue and stress, and you may experience bouts of moodiness that may affect your output. Para hindi maoverwhelm masyado, you may need to forge a sense of detachment, as you go on autopilot. Things may feel confusing for the time being. Draining. Allow your self frequent breaks, where you can breathe in and focus on the now. Kaya mo yan, dear Pisces! Delay important conversations and decisions if possible. Remember now that haste makes waste! Mercury is retrograde, so no need to rush!

On the 12th, a NEW MOON happens in your 12th house, too!

New moons facilitate new beginnings,  and this one on particular is focused on acceptance, and the need to let go. May pag-ka senti, introverted and dreamy ka ngayon, kaya give yourself a lot of ‘me-time’ and alot of breathing space. Madami nga naman ang nagyari as of late.Events that merit a lot of reflection. This can also be a time of spiritual renewal, where your connection to the higher power is strengthened. This is the perfect night for meditation and prayer! Your thoughts are magnetic, so, this can be a great time to reflect and meditate on your personal goals. New Moons are when we set intentions, consciously or not, so it’s best to positively direct the energy, kasi intentions set now are planted in very fertile soil!

From the 18th-20th, SATURN squares URANUS, adding friction and frustration between your 12th house (ending, hidden things, spirituality), and your 3rd House (siblings, neighbors, short-term travel)

Saturn is about tradition, responsibility, and holding fort. Uranus is all about disruptions, innovations and unexpected events. Your need to be alone and introspective may clash with the world needing to converse with you all the time. Gusto mo mag pause, pero bakit parang hindi pwede? Wrong decisions may be made based on pressure, or perhaps because of urgency. You may feel anxious and exhausted, and frankly, over-extended, as you try to understand and even appease both ends. Make sure not to over-book yourself during this time, to mitigate whatever heavy energies this transit may bring. Take time to rest, and avoid important decisions for now, while the square is activated, and while Mercury is retrograde! Rest, sleep, drink supplements, to help your body cope with the stress!

On the 19th, the SUN enters YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, and Self-Projection.

Happy birthday my dearest Pisces! Your season begins, and this starts with the Sun illuminating everything that is you! After a period of intense muni muni, now is the time to go back out into the light! Kahit na may social distancing pa ngayon, it’s still a good time to feel empowered, and to do things na nagpa-pasaya sa’yo, as long as you don’t put anyone in harm’s way! You feel assertive, energized and bold, and this will bring great things to you! Maaaring mag-umpisa ngayon ng mga bagong resolutions, mga exercise programs, at anu-ano pang projects na nagre-reflect ng genuine wants and needs mo for your solar year ahead! Go forth and shine like the star that you are!

On the 21st, MERCURY turns DIRECT in 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things 

After 3 tricky weeks, MERCURY, the planet of communication, finally turns direct! Decisions made during the last 3 weeks may be revisited now. Time to re-build the any damaged areas, if any! Pwede na bumili ng gadgets. Mag sorry sa mga nasaktan, or be humble enough to accept apologies that you may receive or both! Enjoy the clarity! ❤

On the 25th, VENUS entersYOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions, and Self-Projection.

This month finds you in your most charming, attractive state, dear Pisces. Wherever Venus is, is where we are most magnetic, and Venus here definitely adds to your charisma and appeal, and you can use this energy to attract good energy towards you! Sa mga Pisces Ascendant na single, take advantage of this time. Hindi pa advisable magliwaliw sa labas, so maybe this is a good time to join dating apps, or chat online. Post your pictures! Maganda ang pag register niyan ngayon, for sure, much more than usual. You may want to pamper yourself too – masarap magpamasahe, magpagupit, kumain sa labas, mag shopping… wag muna ngayon, stay at home first! Padeliver ka nalang muna ng mga masarap na pagkain! 

On the 27th, a FULL MOON happens in your 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

Full Moons help us process endings, so beginnings can occur. This month’s full Moon is trine Uranus, the planet of earthquake energy and unexpected events. This Full Moon can bring with it pleasant surprises, that may seem unnerving at first, but may pan out well in the long run. This energy may be exciting, even disruptive overall, but still a good time to manifest change. Your partnerships are changing, dear Pisces, and this Full Moon may shine a light upon situations that you didn’t fully understand before, regarding your relationships. Certain situations, certain relationships may be unraveling, may be ending even, and that’s ok! Nothing to be afraid of! Endings are usually just new beginnings in disguise. ❤

GOOD LUCK, PISCES! See you next month!