Welcome to your ★ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ★ for December, 2020!

On the 2nd of the month, MERCURY enters your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

This month opens with your mental focus zoomed in on joint finances, inheritances, and possible investors. Kailangan yan ngayon, madaming kailangang bawiin na kita. Mercury here allows you to be sharp and convincing, kaya this will be a good time to engage in conversations that expand your financial literacy. 

On the personal side, conversations about intimacy may come up in your relationships – heightened kasi ang need for intimacy ngayon. Perhaps you are willing to take things to the next level; open communication will help guide you to where you both feel safe. If single, you may find yourself daydreaming about being in a relationship. 

May tendency ka din to uncover secrets, and you may discover useful information through thorough research. You are psychologically sensitive to your surroundings too; you can read between the lines, and see-through people’s intentions more clearly. Use this energy wisely!

On the 15th, a new moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive! Financially, this eclipse may signal in a new, significant, joint venture that may be a game changer. This may unravel within the next 6 months.  

The next 6 months too may find you craving either to level up or push the reset button, when it comes to your existing intimate relationships and joint partnerships. Situations that help you achieve this will come – mga pagsubok, that will either strengthen your relationships or  break them down completely, para makapag simula ulit, kung gugustuhin ninyo pareho. Secrets that come between you and your partner  may be revealed, for you to be stronger – parang dissolving of walls, so you become more united than ever. If single, this may bring in opportunities for you to draw in people that are magnetic, but possibly too intense or overbearing.

Reminder: Yes, eclipses usher in change. However, eclipses are shadows covering the light. May mga bagay ka pa na hindi nakikita or naiintindihan ngayon. It’s best to avoid risks, important decisions, and any kind of travel bookings at least 1 week before and after the eclipse. Things may not turn out as expected, or pwede ka din magkaroon ng change of heart. Take note, this can help save you money and effort!

On the 16th, VENUS also enters your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

8. The 8th house runs deep, and Venus here is intense – hindi siya satisfied dito with shallow encounters. Hindi pang small talk ang energy na ito. Well, sabagay, sino naman ang s-small talk ngayon? Gusto mo ng bonding na malalim ngayon – conversations are rewarding when you share your fears, dreams and your innermost thoughts. Intensity is important now, and your aura reflects this! Relationships now may be tricky. If on the rocks na, ma ha-highlight ang power struggles. If ok naman kayo, this may be a good period for intimacy. Money-wise, this transit may be helpful! Given the situation, it may not be much, pero anything helps di ba. You may receive monetary gains indirectly, through your long term partner, who may earn extra under the influence of this transit!

On the 17th, SATURN enters your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

Saturn dips its metaphorical toes on your career sector, giving you a taste of what it will be like when it finally settles there at the end of the year. Kumbaga sa billiards, may placing na magaganap, for the next 4 months. Saturn forces us to shape-up, step-up and face reality, no matter how bitter it may be. You are preparing for a period of intense “spring cleaning”, at least concerning your career, profession and reputation. Closely observe what unfolds during this time. Understanding this period will prove very helpful in the years to come.

On the 19th, JUPITER follows, entering your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

Jupiter leaves the place in the sky where it is happiest, and most comfortable (your 9th house), and enters an area kung saan mahina ang powers niya. For Aries Risings most especially, expect the next 12 months to carry some kind of revelation in regards to your career, profession, or your general reputation. Jupiter here usually brings in a gain of status – professional success and an elevation of the career characterizes this transit. Huge strides in your professional life tend to happen, and sudden openings and opportunities appear, out of the blue. However, the catch here, is that you will have to work hard and put in the hours, to be able to acheive and manifest your goals. Also, you will need to be able to identify whatever opportunities are offered, kasi hindi sila magiging madaling ma-recognize. With the two heavyweights, Saturn and Pluto in this area too, madaming challenges and structural shifts na nangyari the past couple of years, na talaga namang nakakayanig. Jupiter here may give you the much needed optimism and hope to soldier through!

On the 21st, the SUN enters your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

 The main focus now finally settles in your intimacy sector,  which will be highly activated for the next 30 days. Are you getting enough depth and fulfillment in your partnerships? When it comes to finances, magastos ba si sweetheart masyado, wala kayong maipon? Or baka naman ikaw ang magastos! The recent events showed you the importance of being financially prepared, kaya naman ngayon, it’s time to set things in order. This is indeed an excellent time to review and update the budget or financial plan of any of your joint ventures/businesses, kasi insights that come up now will be truly valuable. Now, you will want to discuss things that you may not be comfortable discussing otherwise, so take advantage of this!

Also on the 21st, the GRAND CONJUNCTION happens, as JUPITER meets SATURN in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

This rare event, which some scholars have presumed to be the star of Bethlehem during the nativity story, brings with it powerful new beginnings in terms of your career and/or profession. The first few steps towards a long-term goal may manifest now, so make sure you seize the opportunity! The magnitude of this transit’s significance may be difficult to comprehend, lalo na sa umpisa, as it signals the beginning of a 20-year cycle (Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years in the sky), within a bigger 200-year cycle (The grand conjunction’s shift from Earth signs o to Air signs). New ambitions and life goals may emerge, and some of you, especially Taurus risings, may start businesses or make career moves that will define you for the next 20 years. Serendipitous meetings or events may be game-changers, completely changing the trajectory of your future.  Technology,  online messaging, and the internet, can play prominent roles in this new shift. Distance will no longer dictate your opportunities, because work now can flourish without the confines of physical and geographical limitations.

and for this day, too, the 21st, MERCURY enters your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners. 

Your mind turns outward and craves expansion during this time, dear Capricorn. Perhaps new, innovative ideas pop up that question your current set of ideals, whether it be politics, religion, or philosophy. A fascination with foreigners, foreign culture, and a longing to travel usually intensifies during this period, but for now, research-research pa lang muna, activated ang travel house pero di pa encouraged mag travel! You may deepen your relationships with foreigners at the moment, through constant communication. Your mind is out there, on the great beyond. You may join message boards online, meet likeminded peers, and establish relationships with people that may help you in your future travels!

On the 30th, the month closes with a FULL MOON in your solar 3rd House of Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, and Short-term Travel.

Full Moons help us process endings, so beginnings can occur. This month’s full Moon is conjunct the asteroid/comet Chiron, known to astrology as the “wounded healer”. This day can be intense kaya it’s best to prepare. May element of hapdi ito, somehow, showing feelings na akala natin ok na, hindi pa pala. Yung mga insecurities, naglalabasan. This is a good time to reflect on things you wish to change, especially unhealthy mental processes and attitudes na hirap kang baguhin, especially when it comes to dealing with your siblings, or your neighbors. OK kung ma-lelet go na ang mga sama ng loob or mga tampo. Focus your enegy in moving on, the energy for manifestation is strong!

Good Luck, TAURUS! See you next year!