Welcome to your ★ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ★ for December, 2020!

On the 2nd of the month, MERCURY enters your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

Mercury here allows you to perform well in your career matters. You are influential and convincing during the next 3 weeks, so use this energy well!  This is a great time to strategize and develop new plans, very sharp ka kasi ngayon especially when it comes to career planning. Innovative and well thought of ang mga ideas na dadating sa’yo ngayon, and good period ito para mag-pa impress sa mga boss, interviewers, or other people in authority. Keep in touch with them, hit them up and be active, kahit na virtually lang.  Also make sure to note down ideas that will pop up – they will be very useful for the coming months! 

On the 15th, a new moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive! For those of you born on September 28 – October 7 expect movement or substantial change in your career, and public persona, for the next 6 months.  There may be new beginnings available, that, if taken, will change the way that the world sees you. Alamin mong mabuti kung ano ba ang mga gusto mo ma-acheive in terms of your career. The energy for manifesting is so strong, so take advantage! However, it’s best to avoid risks and important decisions at least a week before and after the eclipse – may tendency for things not to turn out as expected. Pwede din magkaroon ng change of heart, especially since mercury turns retrogade  soon after. Make sure you take note of this!

On the 16th, VENUS also enters your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

10. Venus showers you with extra magnetism when it comes to your Work and Career. Yes work from home or no work at all ngayon, but that doesn’t mean your charm is not activated! This is a great time to step up and get noticed. It’s a favorable time for boosting your relationship with your bosses, other authority figures in your field, or just authority figures in general. Reach out to them, wish them well. take the initiative! For sure, it won’t go unnoticed This is also good for a little office romance, so message mo na yung crush mo sa trabaho. If single naman kayo pareho, why not?! A little inspiration goes a long way, especially during these times!

On the 17th, SATURN enters your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

Saturn dips its metaphorical toes on your house of spirituality and contemplation, giving you a taste of what it will be like when it finally settles there at the end of the year. Kumbaga sa billiards, may placing na magaganap, for the next 4 months. Saturn forces us to shape-up, step-up and face reality, no matter how bitter it may be. You are preparing for a period of intense “spring cleaning”, at least concerning your attitude towards endings, and your emotional baggage and how it affects your spirituality, in general. Closely observe what unfolds during this time. Understanding this period will prove very helpful in the years to come.

On the 19th, JUPITER follows, entering your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

Jupiter leaves the place in the sky where it is happiest, and most comfortable (your   11th house), and enters an area kung saan mahina ang powers niya. Kailangan alalayan ng konti. Expect the next 12 months to be filled with introspection and insightfulness, as you re-assess most of your unrealized baggages, in preparation for the beginning of a new 12 year cycle of luck and abundance. Working well with this energy allows you to free yourself from any issues of jadedness na meron ka, releasing you from unwelcomed negativity.

Jupiter transiting the 12th house may also be a good period to volunteer some kind of service – something behind the scenes, that allow you to help without being in the glare of the spotlight. Taking care of others come naturally to you now, and this will not only help them, but it will help you feel fulfilled as well, plus it will bring you good karma pa!

With Jupiter here, you will have to work hard to be able to acheive and manifest your goals in closing certain cycles, and letting go of certain people. You will need to be able to identify whatever opportunities are offered, kasi hindi ang mga ito magiging madaling ma-recognize. Yes, kailangan ng effort, pero always remember that Jupiter is still the greater benefic, so it’s best to be able to utilize whatever energy it can dispense, kahit baldado siya for now!

On the 21st, the SUN enters your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

With the Sun here for the next 30 days, your general focus shifts towards your career, and your general life direction. You will feel the need to step up, and really pull it together, dear Aquarius. Ano na nga ba ang status mo sa work ngayon?  Kung kasama sa artists or other industries na naapektuhan ng recent events, ano ang plano pang contingency? Para sa naghahanap ng trabaho, this is a good time to apply and send out your C.V.s! Wag ma deter ng current recession climate. Subok lang. Be on your best behavior especially during this period. Makinang ka ngayon with a lot of additional energy to be activated this house, na parang may spotlight na nakatapat sa’yo. Keep in mind that whatever you do may have a tendency to be highly visible – good or bad! 

Also on the 21st, the GRAND CONJUNCTION happens, as JUPITER meets SATURN in your solar 12th House of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things, Karma and the Unconscious.

and for this day, too, the 21st, MERCURY enters your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes and Wishes. 

This is a great time for networking and socializing, kaya lang new norm na ngayon ang social distancing! Online-online nalang muna. The mind is focused on growing your network, so habang hindi pa pwede magkita face to face, online social networking nalang muna! Without much effort, people will enjoy hearing your opinions and engaging you in conversation, so expect alot of calls, messages, group video calls, you name it, dear Scorpio! You may also find yourself interested in social causes more than usual, like engaging in efforts that help our frontliners, and others that help society, in general. Mataas ang effect sa’yo ng bayanihan ngayon. Your advocacies may be the centerpiece of most of your conversations now, so it would be a joy if you get to talk to likeminded individuals! 

On the 30th, the month closes with a FULL MOON in your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children! 

Full Moons help us process endings, so beginnings can occur. This month’s full Moon is conjunct the asteroid/comet Chiron, known to astrology as the “wounded healer”. This day can be intense kaya it’s best to prepare. May element of hapdi ito, somehow, showing feelings na akala natin ok na, hindi pa pala. Yung mga insecurities, naglalabasan. With all this confusing and draining energy lately, it’s understandable kung bakit mababa ang emotional climate mo ngayon. This is the perfect time to reconnect with what really sparks joy in you. It is time to move on from confusing romantic prospects, unfair projects, fill in the blanks. Madali sabihin, mahirap gawin, kaya unti-untiin mo lang. Time to re-learn what really makes your heart happy, dear Sagittarius, you owe it to yourself!

Good Luck, PISCES! See you next year!