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Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for December, 2019!

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For the whole Month, MARS travels through your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

Issues of home, family and your properties, still feature prominently for you this month, dear Leo, as Mars continues to bring in fiery energy onto your 4th house. With Mars here, domesticity becomes active. You will continue to have the energy to do things that needed to be done but you kept proscrastinating on. For example, yung sink barado, may tiles na kailangan palitan sa banyo. Yung sofa kailangan na ba palitan? Yung garden kailangan na i-trim. You might feel energized enough to put listings up for your properties, kung meron man. Maybe you are looking to expand and buy land – the drive to fix that, continues throughout the month. Family relationships are also prioritized now, so, para hindi magka-iritahan, take care not to be defensive, controlling, or overbearing, kasi may tendency tayo ngayon to be too involved in our family members’ lives.  

On the 4th of the month, JUPITER enters your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service.

Jupiter leaves the place in the sky where it is happiest, and most comfortable (your 5th house), and enters an area kung saan mahina ang powers niya. For Leo Risings most especially, expect the next 12 months to carry some kind of revelation in regards to your health and vitality, in general. This is a good period healthwise, and whatever ailments or physical weaknesses that you may have felt in the past may be resolved now, if you take the needed time to address it.

The potential for being able to accomplish alot during this year is very high, kasi may improvement ang relationships with your co-workers, employees or employers. Dahil dito, you tend get as much help and as much cooperation as you need, in order to finish tasks, so mas madaming nagagawa. New work opportunities may also be presented this year, and if you have alot of questions about what kind of work you can happily take on, this year may provide you with clear answers and insights.

However, the catch here, is that you will have to work hard and put in the hours, to be able to acheive and manifest your goals. Also, you will need to be able to identify whatever opportunities are offered, kasi hindi sila magiging madaling ma-recognize. With the two heavyweights, Saturn and Pluto in this area too, madaming challenges and structural shifts na nangyari the past couple of years, na talaga namang nakakayanig. Jupiter here may give you the much needed optimism and hope to soldier through!

On the 10th, MERCURY, enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children! 

This is a very supportive transit for creativity and self expression, and of course, Romance!  You are more expressive than usual, dear Leo, and that’s saying alot! There may be a childlike, playful quality in your communication that will draw people closer, so don’t hesitate to communicate! Children can figure prominently in your life now, lalo na yung mga parents na! Have fun, Pag-bigyan mo ang sarili mo, hindi ok ang all work and no play!

Mercury rules the intellect, so possible na ma-attract ka or maka attract ka ng mga intelligent, nerdy-but-cutie types na masarap kausap, so if single, take advantage of this! Masarap makipag-kwentuhan ngayon, and good conversations can probably open the door to romance, especially at this time. give yourself to luxury of time to explore this. There is also a focus on creativity, and appreciation of art. Perhaps you are thinking of turning a hobby into an entrepreneurial endeavor. This energy is supportive of that. Go for it!

On the 12th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes and Wishes. 

Full moons help us wrap up cycles, and facilitate endings, so new beginnings can occur. Perhaps a project is ending, a group membership is about to expire, or perhaps mga kaibigan ka na lilipat ng tirahan, mapapalayo sa’yo. Maybe there are friendships or group acquaintances that are ending. Hindi na kasi kayo nag re-resonate sa isat isa, and that is perfectly ok! Kailangan mo na din kasi mag let go sa mga tao na hindi na nakakatulong sa growth mo. Ayos lang yun, kasi kanya-kanya naman talaga tayo ng journey. On the other end, may mga friendships ka ba na ready ka na i-rekindle ulit, kasi tapos na ang tampuhan, and lumipas na ang sama ng loob? However this manifests, always remember that life is all about evolution and change, and whoever leaves, makes space for the right one to enter. ❤

On the 21st, VENUS enters your solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

What a wonderful transit to end not just the year, but the decade, with! Isa ito sa pinaka-magandang transits ni Venus, as this brings luck when it comes to your one-to-one relationships, for the next few weeks,. Wherever Venus is is where you are most magnetic, so when it is in the house of committed relationships,  maganda ang energy na papasok sa partnerships mo. You become more diplomatic, cooperative, and more focused on love and harmony.

Good vibes are abundant now, so this is the perfect time to iron out tampuhans with your partner, ma-pa love man or business. For those naman looking for romance, these next couple of weeks are a great time to put yourself out there – you exude “relationship” vibes, kaya you will tend to attract people na seryoso ang intentions, lalo na if Leo Rising ka. Take advantage of this influence! This is the time of the year when you are most focused on sharing and receiving love, kaya this is a great period to find and be found by “the one”! ❤

On the 23rd, the SUN, your ruler, enters your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service. 

After alot of activity in this area, the past few years, parang bugbog na ang pakiramdam pagdating sa house of mundane work and daily routine mo. With the Sun here, there may be new routines that may require your attention. Kailangan tutukan. You will also notice that your mind and body connection now is heightened. Mapapansin mo ngayon ang puyat and pagod more than usual, kaya this is a good time to start amping up your health . You will want to take better care of yourself, para mas magawa mo ng tama ang trabaho mo, and so you can take better care of your loved ones, as well. There is an element of service in your actions for now, too, kaya you may feel interested in doing volunteer charity work, or anything of the sort. ❤

On the the 26th, A NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service. 

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids – the energy for new beginnings is massive! The next 6 months will find you adjusting to a new kind of work routine, or perhaps a new health regiment. Maybe may inner discontent ka na sa trabaho mo, and through this time, you realize what it is that you truly want, and go after it. You may be offered a new kind of position, that reflects your current state much better. Your daily routine may change somehow during this period, and you may suddenly have new co-workers that will make your day to day a little more colorful! Perfect time din ngayon para mag manifest ng changes in your health, mapa diet pa man yan or a regular exercise routine. However, take note: It’s best to avoid risks, important conversations or tendering in resignations at least week before and after the eclipse – may tendency kasi for things not to turn out as expected! Forewarned is forearmed! ❤

Good luck, Leo! See you in 2020! Yahoo! ❤