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Hello and Happy Holidays, SCORPIO! ❤

Yes, 2018 was a trailblazing year for most of you, with Jupiter blessing you sign for a whole year! However, the second half of 2018 may have been a little bit more confusing than usual – the recent retrograde season combined with eclipse season has greatly outdone itself, so talaga namang naging prone to kalituhan ang period na ito.

However, for now, it’s time to relax and unwind! It’s very exciting and comforting to know that Jupiter is back at home in Sagittarius, and that makes this holiday season possibly the most joyful and most hopeful within the last 12 years! This energy allows us to close this year with feelings of abundance and unrivaled hope, positivity, and simple, contagious joy. Jupiter showers us with jovial cheer, and embracing this feeling will bring you great things, dear Scorpio! It’s the season to be jolly, indeed!

What can help you plan so you can maximize this month’s energies, so you can close this eventful, colorful year with as much celebration and positivity as possible? Of course, none other than your December Cosmic Weather Report!

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On the 3rd of the month VENUS enters YOUR sign, directly affecting your 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, Vitality, First Impressions and New Beginnings.

Venus re-enters your sign, and since we are still in the recent Venus retrograde shadow, i-expect mo na pwedeng sumulpot ulit ang ilan sa mga issues mo with your self-presentation, your confidence and your physical appearance. There is a chance to re-do a few things regarding your image, that may not have bothered you until recently. This is the time where you may have genius lightbulb moments, and realize things with some sense of ‘finality’, compared to  these past months, kung saan pabago-bago ang isip mo.

The usual general formula here (not limited to romantic relationships. Can apply to a job, an object, a purchase) is naghiwalay-nagregret-nagkabalikan, or nainlove-nagsisi-nagbreak, tapos this is the final pass, where in makikita mo with a clearer picture in your head, what it means to be with and without the person (or job, project, possession, etc.), since may recent experience ka of both. Decisions made during this time are done with clarity that usually comes after a well navigated Venus retrograde. Good luck ha!

On the 7th, MERCURY goes direct also in YOUR sign, directly affecting your 1st House of SELF, Physical Body, Vitality, First Impressions and New Beginnings.

You made it! Finally, all personal planets are direct! 2018’s eventful retrograde season is over. With Mercury going direct, any struggle with communications will start to lighten up and improve from this day forth. Personally for you, concerns about your physical appearance and the impression that you give onto the world and issues about how people seem to minterpret you, will ease up considerably as Mercury slowly moves away from the retrograde shadow.

Important meetings, conversations, travelling and other areas rules by Mercury can be set in motion again, wala nang kaba, kasi mas favorable na ngayon ang possible outcomes. ❤

On the 7th too, a NEW MOON happens in your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self- Worth.

New Moons help us facilitate new beginnings, and this one in particular helps you establish new frontiers when it comes to how you handle your money. It is favorable now to learn about financial literacy and to establish healthy habits regarding your cashflow –  perhaps consider getting or upgrading your insurance, or siguro just start researching about what financial investments are worth taking. Take advantage of this wonderful time to manifest something new and positive for your finances. This is a powerful time to do so!

On the 13th, Mercury enters your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self- Worth.

Second chances regarding issues na nabitin or lumabo when Mercury went retrograde comes up for you now – difficulties regarding bank transactions, onine or mobile banking, payments, and other issues about money and your personal income may have figured prominently during the last few weeks. Karamihan dito are old difficulties that were ignored, or hindi lang napansin.  Now is a great time to fine tune,  find solutions and fix things kasi gadgets now are working normally, communication now is better,  and you interpret and absorb things with more clarity. If navigated well,  this may be a highly productive, fulfilling period for you, dear Scorpio! Good luck!

For the whole of the month, MARS, parks in your 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, and Children.

Being creative in your self-expression, your romantic expression, and having fun while doing so, will be important for you the whole of this month. Your energy and drive is tuned in to authenticity, and just wanting to be true to yourself. Minsan kasi, nakakalumutan mo na mag enjoy. This is a good chance para baguhin yun!

This is potentially a fun filled period, where you are compelled to do things that make your heart happy – you will find time to do sports, crafts work, or other hobbies that are enjoyable for you. Since the 5th is also the house of Romance, you may crave for that sparkle of love as well, kaya driven ka din ngayon to meet people and hopefully fall in love! For those with significant others na, this is a time where you want to do things together with your partner. Go and have dates! Learn a new hobby together. Laugh together. Maximize this transit and prioritize happiness this month!

On the 22nd, the SUN enters your 3rd House of Communications, Short-Term Travel, Neighborhood and Siblings.

The main focus of the self now turns outwards, towards your neighborhood and immediate community. Communications in general, through technology or face-to-face, will figure prominently now. Important sa’yo ngayon to be able to communicate well, madaming kailangan kausapin at batiin. Interaction with siblings and cousins din may level up. kasi, as usual during this time, you feel the urge to reconnect and spend time with them. Some of you may have alot of short-term travelling this month, mga uuwi dahil sa holidays, or mga dadayo sa kung saan saan na reunion. This is a busy, social time for you, madaming magyayaya umalis, madaming neighborhood activities that you may be a part of. Sakto kasi madami talagang mga December events, sakto sa transit na ‘to. Use this time well, and Enjoy, dear Scorpio!

Also, on the 22nd, a FULL MOON happens in your 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Beliefs, Foreign Travel and Foreigners. 

‘Beginnings’ and ‘starting over’, always get alot of fanfare, and we all look forward to them – to getting things right this time around, to getting second chances, in love and in life. However, equally important, are endings. Before new beginnings, endings first.

Full Moon energy helps us process endings, so we can start on a clean slate.  Are you feeling stuck? Are you looking for adventure? Are you longing to travel? Is there a feeling of lack and emptiness, kahit parang ok naman lahat? Are your beliefs being tested somehow, especially during the last couple of months where things felt a little bit too raw, causing you to question alot of fundamental thoughts about your faith? This Full Moon’s energy may help you answer these questions, and may help you end unhealthy attitudes regarding these issues. It’s time to let go of attitudes that prevent you from living your life to the fullest! Adventure awaits you in 2019!

Good luck, SCORPIO! See you next year! ❤