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Hello and Happy Holidays, LIBRA! ❤

The second half of 2018 may have been rougher and a bit more confusing than usual – the recent retrograde season combined with eclipse season has greatly outdone itself, and with your ruler, VENUS, still in retrograde shadow, talaga namang naging prone to misunderstandings and confusion ang period na ito.

However, for now, it’s time to relax and unwind! It’s very exciting and comforting to know that Jupiter is back at home in Sagittarius, and that makes this holiday season possibly the most joyful and most hopeful within the last 12 years! This energy allows us to close this year with feelings of abundance and unrivaled hope, positivity, and simple, contagious joy. Jupiter showers us with jovial cheer, and embracing this feeling will bring you great things, dear Libra! It’s the season to be jolly, indeed!

What can help you plan so you can maximize this month’s energies, so you can close this eventful, colorful year with as much celebration and positivity as possible? Of course, none other than your December Cosmic Weather Report!

2018-12:Solar Chart:07 Libra

On the 3rd of the month VENUS enters your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self- Worth.

Venus, your ruler, re-enters your Money house, and since we are still in the recent Venus retrograde shadow, i-expect mo na pwedeng sumulpot ulit ang ilan sa mga issues mo with your finances, your cashflow, and things that have to do with your material security and your self-worth. There is a chance to re-do a few things, to adjust to certain financial realities na hindi mo sineryoso, until recently. This is the time where you may have genius lightbulb moments, and realize things with some sense of ‘finality’, compared to  these past months, kung saan pabago-bago ang isip mo.

The usual general formula here (not limited to romantic relationships. Can apply to a job, an object, a purchase) is naghiwalay-nagregret-nagkabalikan, or nainlove-nagsisi-nagbreak, tapos this is the final pass, where in makikita mo with a clearer picture in your head, what it means to be with and without the person (or job, project, possession, etc.), since may recent experience ka of both. Decisions made during this time are done with clarity that usually comes after a well navigated Venus retrograde. Good luck ha!

On the 7th, MERCURY goes direct in your 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self- Worth.

You made it! Finally, all personal planets are direct! 2018’s eventful retrograde season is over. With Mercury going direct, any struggle with communications will start to lighten up and improve from this day forth. Personally for you, concerns with your cashflow, sudden expenses, or hidden expenses being brought to light, issues with self confidence regarding your income, buyer’s remorse about unecessary purchases and other financial issues, will ease up considerably as Mercury slowly moves away from the retrograde shadow.

Important meetings, conversations, travelling and other areas rules by Mercury can be set in motion again, wala nang kaba, kasi mas favorable na ngayon ang possible outcomes. ❤

On the 7th too, a NEW MOON happens in your 3rd House of Communications, Short-Term Travel, Neighborhood and Siblings.

New Moons help us facilitate new beginnings, and this one in particular helps you establish new frontiers when it comes to how you communicate, how you relate with your immediate environment, your neighbors and your siblings. This is a great time to plan short trips, perhaps a weekend getaway, malapit na din ang Christmas vacation, so sakto ang timing. Kung may balak bumili ng auto or any kind of transportation, this is a great time to explore what is out there. Also, Take advantage of this wonderful time to speak out about something important to you. This is a gentle, but powerful time to do so!

On the 13th, Mercury enters your 3rd House of Communications, Short-Term Travel, Neighborhood and Siblings.

Second chances regarding issues na nabitin or lumabo when Mercury went retrograde comes up for you now – communication issues with regards to your immediate environment, your neighbors or possibly your siblings.  Perhaps transportation had been difficult in some way, and car trouble kept nagging at you.

Karamihan dito are old difficulties na hindi lang napapansin. Now is a great time to find solutions and fix things kasi communication now is better, and you interpret and absorb things with more clarity. This is also a great time to learn new, practcal skills, mabilis kasi ngayon ang pick up mo. If navigated well,  this may be a highly productive, fulfilling period for you, dear Libra! Good luck!

For the whole of the month, MARS, parks in your 6th House of Daily work, Co-workers, Errands, Service and Health.

Refining your craft, fixating on work, finishing your errands and figuring out how you can improve your day-to-day routine,  will figure prominently for you the whole of this month , as your energy and drive is really tuned in to the work that you do, and how it can really be your contribution and service to society. Mind-body awareness and connection is also high now, so mas sensitive ka ngayon sa kung ano mang mga maliliit na aches and pains or mga sakit sa buto or joints, na nararamdaman mo.

This can potentially be a busy, productive time where you may accomplish alot of work that will help make your day to day easier. For example, baka makahanap ka ng bagong mas mabilis na route for work, or siguro you may start a convenient and easy work-out plan or diet that makes you healthier and more agile. Use this time well!

On the 22nd, the SUN enters your 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land.

The main focus of the self now turns inwards, as the Sun shines a light in your innermost circle- your family, your closest friends, and your home. With the Sun here, you feel much more connected to your parents, and ganon din sila sa’yo. This is a joyful transit for the holidays, kasi after all, this is really the time for family, and also the people we consider as family. There is happiness in domestic matters, masarap tumambay sa bahay, masarap mag decorate for Christmas, and masarap makipag bonding sa pamilya. Quiet moments now are favorite over lavish, grand, impersonal affairs – there is extreme comfort in the familiar, and there is new found appreciation for your roots, and your home, in general. Take advantage of this nesting phase, dear Libra! Have fun! ❤

Also, on the 22nd, a FULL MOON happens in your 10th House of Career, Reputation and Public Persona.

Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. Perhaps you are wrapping up a project for work, or maybe closing a chapter when it comes to your career. Some cycles are coming full circle, dear Libra, and ready or not, kailangan natin tangappin ito. Although endings are not always easy, they are pretty necessary, in order for us to continue growing and evolving. Are there concerns in your career that need to be addressed? Are you happy with how the world sees you? What legacy do you want to leave? The Full Moon shines a light on these concerns. Whatever the answers may be, trust that you are supported, and that the Universe will always help you bring your plans to fruition. Bring it on 2019! ❤

Good Luck, LIBRA! See you next year! ❤