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Hello and Happy Holidays, ARIES! ❤

The second half of 2018 may have been rougher and a bit more confusing than usual – Uranus, the planet of change and chaos is back in your sign (pero for the next 3 months nalang, whew!), and the recent retrograde season has greatly outdone itself, kaya naman madami talagang nangyari na hindi mo in-expect. One for the books talaga!

However, after all that, it’s very exciting and comforting to know that Jupiter is back at home in Sagittarius, and that makes this holiday season the most joyful and most hopeful within the last 12 years! This energy allows you to close this year with feelings of abundance and unrivaled hope, positivity, and simple, contagious joy. Jupiter showers us with abundant jovial cheer, and embracing this feeling will bring you great things, dear Aries!It’s the season to be jolly, indeed!

What can help you plan so you can maximize this month’s energies, so you can close this eventful, colorful year with as much celebration and positivity as possible? Of course, none other than your December Cosmic Weather Report!

2018-12:Solar Chart:01 Aries

On the 3rd of the month VENUS enters your 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, Secrets, and Other people’s money.

Venus re-enters your 8th house of Intimacies, and since we are still in the recent Venus retrograde shadow, i-expect mo na pwedeng sumulpot ulit ang mga issues regarding joint finances, kakulangan sa closeness, or general issues about intimacy na recently ay naging cause ng pagkalito, or insecurity on your end. This is the time though where you may realize things with some sense of ‘finality’, especially especially compared to the last couple of months, kung san pabago-bago ang isip mo.

The usual scenario here, is naghiwalay-nagregret-nagkabalikan, or nainlove-nagbreak-nagsisi, tapos this is the final pass, where in makikita mo with a clearer picture in your head, what it means to be with and without the person, since may recent experience ka of both. Decisions made during this time are done with clarity that usually comes after a well navigated Venus retrograde. Good luck ha!

On the 7th, MERCURY goes direct in 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy, Secrets, and Other people’s money.

You made it! Finally, all personal planets are direct! 2018’s eventful retrograde season is over,  and any struggle with communications will start to improve from this day forth. Issues regarding intimacy, trust, and joint finances/ventures, will be much easier to deal with, as Mercury slowly moves away from the retrograde shadow.

Important meetings, conversations, travelling and other areas rules by Mercury can be set in motion again, wala nang kaba, kasi mas favorable na ngayon ang possible outcomes. ❤

On the 7th too, a NEW MOON happens in your 9th House of Mind Expansion, Foreigners, Foreign Travel, and Higher Learning. 

New Moons help us facilitate new beginnings, and this one in particular helps you establish new frontiers with the way that you absorb possibilities in life. The energy allows you to expand your horizons further than ever, this energy kasi encourages you to explore the world, and see what is out there in the great beyond, mentally or physically. You may feel this manifesting through the need to go back to school and expand your higher mind, or perhaps you may suddenly be filled with wanderlust and crave travelling. These are realizations that might pop up during this time, kaya mag reseach ka na ng mga seat sale, or mga possible courses. Ask for the opportunity, attract it. Claim it. This is a powerful time to do so!

On the 13th, Mercury re-enters your 9th House of Mind Expansion, Foreigners, Foreign Travel, and Higher Learning.

Second chances regarding issues na nabitin or lumabo nung nag retrograde si Mercury comes up for you now, especially communication issues with regards to travelling abroad, and people in or from foreign places. A few questions about your belief systems may have recently risen too, and you may have found yourself in contemplation about higher truths and philosophies and life and our purpose in it. Ngayon, things are back to normal, and kung ano mang reflection mo during the last 3 weeks, now is the time for practical application. Communication now is better, and you interpret and absorb things with much clarity. This should be a relatively pleasing time for you to learn, explore and expand your mind, dear Aries! Enjoy!

For the whole of the month, your ruler, MARS, stays in your 12th house of Spirituality, Endings, Hidden things and Karma.

MARS, your ruler, is quiet and at rest the whole of this month, so you may feel that your general energy is a bit low – you might feel a bit drained, lalo na pag madaming tao sa paligid mo. You will feel more comfortable in private settings, surrounded by those that you trust and love, so don’t feel pressured to attend all these casual holiday events, kung hindi mo feel. You may redirect alot of your energy into quiet reflection and contemplation, as your drive and energy recharges to full, before it  it enters your very visible 1st house, starting a new and busy cycle. For now, just relax and enjoy the happy solemnity of the holiday season! ❤

On the 22nd, the SUN enters your 10th house of Career, Reputation and Public Persona.

The main focus of the self now turns towards career, accomplishment, and reputation- There is a need to acheive, and to be noticed and appreciated for your acheivements. Importante ang career mo ngayon, whether professional man yan or vocational, for example, if motherhood is what you consider as your primary responsibility, kakarireen mo yun to the max.  May tendency ka din mag plano ngayon, kung ano ba talaga ang mga gusto mo ma-acheive in this lifetime. End of the year na din kasi, kaya naman kasama na dito ang planning for 2019. What do you want to be known as? What do you want your legacy to be? These are questions that may come up for you the next 30 days. Highly visible ka ngayon and mapapansin ang mga actions mo kaagad, good or bad. Keep that in mind!

Also, on the 22nd, a FULL MOON happens in your 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land. 

Full Moons help us process endings so new beginnings can occur, kaya perfect time ngayon to meditate and reflect on issues regarding your family and your home. What attitudes  have served its purpose? Are you giving your family enough time? May mga long-drawn out arguments ba na talagang dapat na i-let go kasi wala ng point yung away, kung di pride nalang? Madaming ganyan. This holiday season, you are given the change to let go of unecessary baggage na hindi na dapat bitbitin sa susunod na taon. Take the time to figure out what you need to end or to change, in order for you to have healthier, happier energy this 2019. You deserve that! Make the most of this time, dear Aries, the Universe is listening! ❤

See you next year Aries!!! Good luck!!!<3