2020 08:Banner:08 Scorpio


Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for August, 2020!

2020 08:Solar Chart:08 Scorpio

on the 3rd, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, and Land.

Full moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. This month’s full Moon is particularly intense kaya it’s best to prepare!  This is a good time to figure things out when it comes to your home, kasi in-your-face lahat yan ngayon. Hindi pa encouraged mag lala-labas ngayon, kaya no choice but to deal with it since nasa bahay ka na rin lang. Total cleaning and total home inspection! Pati mental and emotional changes din, pwede ngayon. Anong pag-uugali ang kailangan mo na baguhin? Focus on these things, para mas maging harmonious ang family life. This is the best time to ask for these changes, the energies for manifestation are strong!

On the 5th, MERCURY (communication and the mind) enters and travels through your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation, and Public Persona.

Mercury here allows you to perform well in your career matters. You are influential and convincing during this time! Habang quarantine season pa, you can use this time to strategize and develop new plans, very sharp kasi ang intellect mo ngayon, especially when it comes to career planning. Innovative and well thought of ang mga ideas na dadating sa’yo ngayon, and good period ito para mag-pa impress sa mga boss, interviewers, or other people in authority. Keep in touch with them, hit them up and be active, kahit work from home ka.  Make sure to note down ideas that will pop up – they will be very useful for the coming months! 

On the 7th, VENUS (love, beauty, money) enters and travels through your solar 9th House of Higher Learning, Foreign Travel, and Foreigners. 

Venus here adds to your interest and curiosity regarding people and situations that seem exotic and different. There is an attraction towards things or people na galing sa ibang social background, ethnicity, o kaya age! During this period kasi, gusto mo ng adventure, so you will tend to gravitate towards new, and unusual experiences. You may find yourself wanting to travel and explore. Hindi pa pwede ngayon, but it’s a good time to plan, or at least vizualize! Makinang ka sa mga foreigners ngayon, and if you want to take advantage of this, for now, chat-chat ka muna! You may easily attract people that are from a different country than yours, tiyaga ka muna sa LDR.

On the 12th-14th, MARS (energy and action) squares PLUTO (destruction and rebirth), for the first out of 3 times. Expect to feel intense friction between your solar 6th House (Daily Routines, Health, Service), and your solar 3rd House (Communication, Siblings, Short-term Travel)

Around these dates, be extra cautious! Do not be callous! ‘Wag mag madali, ‘wag mag risk. Status quo lang muna, especially when it comes to talking with your committed partners, business or personal. This transit may cause heavy feelings, and mga pag-iinit din ng ulo, when it comes to haste in your routines, and dealing with co-workers that are difficult to work with. Also, dahan-dahan lang ang pag-galaw in your daily commute, if meron. If leaving home, watch the road! Prioritize safety at all times, especially now!

On the 19th, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation, and Public Persona.

New moons help facilitate new beginnings. Pwedeng mag sulputan ang opportunities ngayon regarding your work and career, kaya keep your eyes and ears open, dear Scorpio, most especially Scorpio risings! Madaming trabaho ang na-tengga, madaming oras Ang babawiin. Masaya ka pa ba sa trabaho or burned out na? Na-excite ka ba bumalik, after a long break? Do you need a fresh start? This period usually marks a time when you start something new in your career, that re-defines who you are as a person. Paano sisimulan? The energy of the New Moon will help you figure out exactly how. May mga bago ka bang goals or projects na nais mo ibahagi sa mundo? List these things down and reflect on them, and the Universe will guide you and help you bring these things to fruition!

On the 20th, MERCURY (communication and the mind) enters and travels through your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes, and Wishes.

This is a great time for networking and socializing, kaya lang di pa advisable lumabas! Online-online nalang muna. The mind is focused on growing your network, so habang hindi pa pwede magkita face to face, online social networking nalang muna! Without much effort, people will enjoy hearing your opinions and engaging you in conversation, so expect a lot of calls, messages, group video calls, you name it, dear Scorpio! You may also find yourself interested in social causes more than usual. You may feel like engaging in efforts that help our frontlines, and others that help society, in general. Mataas ang effect sa’yo ng bayanihan ngayon. Your advocacies may be the centerpiece of most of your conversations now, so it would be a joy if you get to talk with likeminded individuals! 

On the 22nd, the SUN enters YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes, and Wishes. 

This picks up the pace on your social life – your friends, joint aspirations, community and social interaction are highlighted now, making this a pleasant, sociable, and goal-oriented transit. Nasa mood ka mag socialize! Since pataas pa ng pataas ang cases, at hindi pa advised lumabas, madaming socialization ito with peers online! Masarap ka kausap ngayon, at masaya kang kasama, kaya madaming mangungulit, makikipagkwentuhan. This is a time when social causes are highlighted, and you are willing to take part in furthering humanitarian causes. You may join a group, or help one. Maganda din ang mga ideas mo ngayon, forward-thinking and innovative, kaya people will turn to you for solutions – with the Sun in this position, you will be more than happy to oblige!

On the 24th-26th, MARS (energy, action) squares SATURN (constriction, limitation), for the first out of 3 times. Expect to feel intense friction between your solar 6th House (Daily Routines, Health, Service), and your solar 3rd House (Communication, Siblings, Short-term travel)

The month closes with a bit of tension again, with this transit bringing in feelings of wanting to move, but not being able to. Parang driving with the handbrakes on. Malamang mag-kainitan ng ulo ulit, with your co-workers. You may feel trapped, and caged in your job. Gusto na tigilan, pero ang feeling e walang magawa. Expect this to be magnified lalo na pag Scorpio rising ka. If possible, don’t schedule errands or meetings during this time, especially those that will require you to go out. Stay put first, let the energy pass!

Good Luck, Scorpio! See you next month!