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Welcome to your ❤ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ❤ for August, 2019!

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On the first day of the month, MERCURY goes DIRECT in your solar 7th House of One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships.

The month is off to a great start, as MERCURY turns direct, finally! Issues regarding miscommunications in your relationships, personal man or business, significantly ease up now! Pati gadgets or printers na nag-loko, mawawalan na din ng topak. Take note of all the lessons you’ve learned this time, kasi the next retrograde this October, will really up the ante! But for now, this is the time to heal and pick up the pieces of whatever misunderstandings and miscoms the past 3 weeks have brought you,if any. Apologize if need be, and kung ikaw naman ang naagrabyado, be gracious enough to accept apologies. Your mind/intellect is much clearer and sharper – for now! Enjoy the clarity, dear Capricorn! ❤

On the 13th, MERCURY enters YOUR sign, directly affecting your solar 8th House of Transformation, Intimacy and Joint Finances/Ventures. 

Your intuition is heightened now, and madami kang mga bagay na gugustuhin i-settle before the year ends. May mga joint finances or joint ventures na kailangan puliduhin, kasi medyo malabo ang ibang detalye. Mataas ang objectivity mo ngayon regarding hidden emotions, power struggles, deep human feelings like fears and dreams, kaya if may may malalim na issues with your closest intimate partnerships, this is a good time to open discussions. Mataas din ang capability mo ngayon for research and discovery, so if there are things that you need to find out about joint accounts, business, and issues about intimacies, ngayon maganda mag investigate! 

On the 15th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finances, Material Wealth, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth.

Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can occur. Maybe you are ending a few projects that you’ve been preoccupied with this month, dear Capricorn, or baka naman may recent realizations ka about habits that you should change, when it comes to purchasing/shopping. Perhaps you are considering starting a new business. Pwede din na this period, malapit mo na makumpleto ang  ilan sa mga long term payments mo! good job! ‘Wag muna kaagad maghanap ng bagong bayarin, hehe. Meditate and write down your wishlist this full moon, kasi maganda ang energies for manifesting ngayon! ❤

On the 19th, MARS enters YOUR sign, directly affectingyour solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners.

High gear ka ngayon pagdating sa adventure planning! Pwedeng kakaalis mo lang ng bansa and may travel hangover ka pa. Regardless, this may be a fun transit for mind expansion, exploration and adventure! However, if you are not able to travel, issues about higher edication might be holding you down – you may have responsibilities in school and higher educational pursuits, or you may plan to get back to school, or to simply take a few courses na matagal mo nang gusto gawin, like learning a new language, for example.

Be careful with being too rigid and too close-minded when it comes to your beliefs , opinions and ideas kasi wala ka sa mood mag compromise ngayon, especially when it comes to issues close to your heart! Pag may kumontra, mabilis kang magiging defensive, so try to be as patient as you can, para hindi mapaaway!

On the 22nd, VENUS enters your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners.

This transit brings with it a pleasant boost when it comes to your extended studies and your interaction with everything foreign! With Venus here, the attraction for the exotic and different is magnified, kaya naman very favorable time ito for out of the country adventure and exploration! You can do that by embarking in a journey of the mind through higher education, reading about philosophy, or mentoring others and assisting them in their mental expansion. On the other hand, pwede din ito mag manifest through a literal journey, meaning travelling! There is a feeling of wanting to break free and to explore the great beyond, kaya naman it’s a great time to plan and go on a trip, overseas if possible. Also, magnetic ka ngayon sa mga foreigners, so if single, this might be a great time to meet a romantic prospect in your travels! Or kung tag-tipid, pwedeng sa chat nalang din, may effect pa din ‘yan, hehe.

On the 24th the SUN enters your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners.

With the SUN joining VENUS and MARS here, you may feel the need to plan for travel, to search for ticket sales and other deals. You are distracted by anything and everything that has to do with going out, experiencing cultures, meeting foreigners, travelling – adventure calls, after all! Work wise, it’s possible na may makatrabaho kang foreigners ngayon, and you get to learn from each other. Kung meron kang chat-mate turned sweetheart abroad, parang gusto mo na talaga mag meet kayo. During the next 30 days, the circumstances might align well and the opportunity might finally present itself! This is an expansive period for you, dear Capricorn – if not through travel, opportunities for higher education and extended studies might cross your path (Doctorates, Law degrees and the likes) – adventures of the mind, naman 🙂

On the 30th, the month closes with a NEW MOON happening in your solar 9th House of Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners.

After all the activation in this part of the sky, you might have an inkling of what truly works for you and what doesn’t. New Moon energy brings us chances for new beginnings, and with the New Moon here, windows of opportunities open, when it comes to mental expansion, either through studying, or through travel. Mataas ang sense of adventure mo ngayon, kaya naman this is a favorable time to go out of the country and explore! Usually this triggers a time where you are attracted to what is different and what is exotic. May drive ka ngayon to learn, explore, and push the bounderies of your thinking.  Make a list of the things that you want to learn, and of the places that you want to go to. Reflect on it and list it down. Parang letter sa Universe ‘yan. The energy for manifestation is strong now, and sabi nga nila, ask and you shall receive!

Good Luck, Capricorn! See you next month! ❤