Ah, the saga that is the second half of 2018, continues. Mercury, your ruler, is still very much retrograde, recently joining Retrogade Mars, as if kulang pa ang kaguluhan sa buhay mo. And there’s another SOLAR ECLIPSE, this time on your house of Endings and Spirituality!

Ano ang ibig sabihin nito?!

Wag mag worry ha.. You won’t be entering this blind-sided! Presenting, dear Virgo… your monthly Cosmic Weather Report!

082018 Solar Chart VIRGO.png

On the 7th, Venus enters you solar 2nd House of Personal Income/Finance, Possessions, Self value and Self-worth. Perfect time ito to improve your financial situation, because Venus here helps you attract good fortune, as you become magnetic when it comes to opportunities for earning. Madaming small benefits, like presents coming out of nowhere, or if you are in need of assitance, dadating nalang bigla kung ano ang kailangan. However, this is also a time when you want and crave for security and comfort more than usual, so may tendency na maging unecessarliy magastos! You may give in to buying purchases that are extravagant, kahit hindi mo afford. Yung comfort kasi of owning beautiful material possessions, malakas ang tawag ngayon. So all in all, be careful, because although you have the ability to attract a higher inflow of money, may equal tendency din to spend, more than usual.

On the 11th, a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 12th house of Endings, Spirituality, Karma, and Hidden things. Eclipses are like wildcards that bring unexpected changes wherever they land in your chart. Nag-land siya sa house of endings mo. So, new beginnings in the house of endings. Tricky. Sobrang lakas ng energies for change. There is an extra push for you to move on, and this might surprise you, especially kung feeling mo, hindi ka pa handa. But dear Virgo, you need to start the process. begin to let start your process of letting go of that which is holding you back from truly being happy, so you can be the best version of you! When you are the best version of yourself, mas makakatulong ka sa iba, and mas mapapasaya mo ang mga tao sa paligid mo. Let go, and trust the process! ❤

On the 13th, MARS in RETROGRADES moves back to your solar 5th house of Fun, Creativity, Romance, Pleasure and Children. During this time, expect disturbances in your creative expression. Pwedeng mawalan ka ng gana to create things, or to express your feelings. Maybe a romantic connection becomes a source of stress and anxiety, and it becomes a catalyst for exploding tempers. Click HERE for your detailed MARS Retrograde tips and forecast!

On the 20th, MERCURY turns DIRECT in your solar 12th house of Endings, Spirituality, Karma, and Hidden things. Finally, some sense of relief! Mercury transits on the 12th house is a bit difficult internally, and even more so when it’s retrograde. There is a deep, internal retreat, where you are faced with your regrets, painful realizations, and this need to connect, while needing to let go as well. Expect things to go much smoother in your internal and emotional world, now that Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, is direct!

On the 24th, the SUN Enters YOUR sign! Happy Birthday dear Virgo! Your season starts, and this activates your solar first house of SELF, Appearance and Physical body, and How you project your self onto the world. This marks the height of your solar year, kung saan mataas ang vitality, energy, and mind-body connection mo. You are glowing, and this brings you great things! Mas klaro ang feeling of identity and purpose mo ngayon, and you are more than able to seize the opportunities coming your way. Make sure you take advantage of this once in a year energy, and allow it’s positivity to jumpstart your personal new year!

On the 26th, a FULL MOON happens in your 7th house of Relationships and Committed Partnerships. Full Moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. During this day, take the time to sit down and reflect on the things that bother you about your relationships, or the lack thereof. Minsan reklamo ng reklamo, pero hindi naman ginagawan ng paraan. This full moon here shines a light on your committed partnerships, and the things that you need to change about them, that is preventing you from enjoying life and love to the fullest. May mga ugali ka ba na kailangan i-adjust? Kaya pa ba maging mas understanding? If not, gusto mo pa din ba talagang maging part niyan? … Sa mga single, bakit ka nga ba single? By choice by yan, or is it something that fear chose for you? These insights that will enter your mind duing this time. Figure out the answers, and pray for manifestation! The energies are supportive of change, so take the time to reflect about these things.

On the 28th, MARS turns DIRECT! Yahoo! Things will soon be back to normal in terms of energy and tempers. Isapuso mo lahat ng mga natutunan this period, dahil makakatulong talaga yan sa’yo. Good riddance, Mars Retrograde! Well, at least until September 2020, when it shakes up your solar 8th House of Transformation and Joint finances. Pero matagal pa yan, for now, relax muna and enjoy!!! ❤

Good Luck VIRGO! See you next month!