Ah, the saga that is the second half of 2018, continues. Mars is still very much retrograde, and now, Mercury is retrograde, too, as if kulang pa ang kaguluhan sa buhay mo. And there’s another Solar Eclipse! What does this all mean?!

Well, alot of changes are happening, but don’t you worry, dear Sagittarius, you won’t be going into this blind-sided. Presenting… your Monthly Cosmic Weather Report!

082018 Solar Chart 09-SAGITTARIUS.jpg

On the 7th of the month, VENUS enters your solar 11th house of Friendships, Groups, Organizations and Ambitions. The next 3 weeks will find you in harmony with your friendships and groups that you associate with. Warm social friendships characterize this period, and you may find yourself joining or associating closely with a group that you highly resonate with. If single, pwede ka makameet ng romantic prospect through your friends, or perhaps, you fall in love with one. Wherever Venus is, is where we are most magnetic, so malaki ang chance na ma-typan ka din, so go go go, its a risk worth taking! 

On the 11th, a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your solar 9th House of Higher learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners. You may feel your insatiable wanderlust going on overdrive during this time, guided by thus gut feeling that you are ready now to grow outside of your personal borders and limitations. Pwede mo maisip na mag travel, or mag aral ulit – mga bagay na nagpapalawak ng kaisipan. A professor may change your life, or you may change someone’s life, if you are the one in the position of teaching. Pwede din na may ma-meet ka na foreigner na mag-kakaroon ng napakalaking impact sa buhay mo. Travel is supported now, and you should go if the situation allows you to.  There is something out there calling to you, and it is best to listen and not ignore!

On the 13th, Retrograde Mars moves back into your solar 2nd House of Personal Finances/Income, Possessions, and Self-worth. Take extra care of your cashflow during this time. Investments are not recommended during this period, baka hindi mo na mabawi yung ilalabas mo. Instead, use the next couple of weeks to thoroughly review your options, before committing to anything. Be reasonable when it comes to spending, too! Click HERE for you detailed MARS Retrograde Tips and forecast!

On the 20th, MERCURY goes direct in your solar 9th House of Higherstudies, Foreign travel and Foreigners. Ah, some relief, finally! Recent misunderstandings about personal belief systems, or perhaps friction regarding people from another culture will significantly be smoother and calmer now that Mercury, the planet of communication, is turning direct. Yung mga tampuhan or misunderstandings about  personal beliefs, maayos na, kasi mas mag-kakaintindihan na ang mga tao ngayon. Pretty soon, you will be able to cover new ground and confidently move forward with your plans. Again, if you can travel, travel! If not possible at the moment, read about other places, watch movies or documentaries about them and their own sets of customs, traditions and culture. Baka kailanganin mo someday soon!

On the 24th, the SUN enters your solar 10th House of Career, Reputation and Public Persona. During this time, your focus turns towards you career, and your general standing in life. Para kang naka blinders sa gilid ng mata ngayon – anything and everything that has to do with your career catches your attention. Perfect time ngayon to troubleshoot and fix whatever concerns you have in the workplace, kasi nakatutok ka talaga ngayon. The Sun being here shines a light on you and your performance at work – you are easily seen and noticed ngayon, kaya pwede ka magpabibo. Malakas ang presence mo sa career ngayon, so make sure you do your due diligence, pag nagkamali kasi, mabilis ka din mapupuna. Double-edged sword. You may take great strides in your work, and your reputation may be boosted while the Sun is here. Take advantage of this!

On the 26th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land. Full moons help us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. Are there unhealthy situations at home na kailangan i-address at i-let go? This is a good time to relfect on that. Are you wrapping up projects at home, or may mga property ka ba na gusto maibenta? Take the time to figure out what changes in the home are necessary. Bad communication leading to arguments, maiksing patience – lahat yan pwede mo ipray na matanggal na, para mas maging harmonious ang family life. This is the best time to ask for this, the energies for manifestation are strong! The Universe is listening, and is very supportive 🙂

On the 28th, MARS turns direct! Yahoo! Things will soon be back to normal in terms of energy and tempers. Isapuso mo lahat ng mga natutunan this period, dahil makakatulong talaga yan sa’yo. Good riddance, Mars Retrograde! Well, at least until September 2020, when it shakes up your 5th house of Creative Expression, Fun, Pleasure and Children. Pero matagal pa yan, for now, relax muna and enjoy!!! ❤

GOOD LUCK SAGITTARIUS! See you next month!