Ah, the saga that is the second half of 2018, continues. Mars is still very much retrograde, and now, Mercury is retrograde, too, as if kulang pa ang kaguluhan sa buhay mo. And there’s another Solar Eclipse, this time in your house of income! Alot of changes are happening – external ones, and some naman are changes of heart. What does this all mean?!

Well, don’t you worry, dear Cancer, you won’t be going into this blind-sided. Presenting… your monthly Cosmic Weather report!

082018 Solar Chart 04CANCER.jpg

On the 7th of the month, VENUS enters your solar 4th house of Home, Family, Ancestry and Land. This is a time where joy is abundant in the homefront, as this is the time of the year when your heart is happiest spending time with family, or people that  you consider your family. You are generally family oriented, but more than usual, masarap sa heart ngayon to just stay at home and enjoy feeling comfortable in your own home. If gusto maging social, you’ll feel that you’d rather invite people over and have a party/get together, or tambay in someone’s house, vs going out, kasi happy homebody ka ngayon. You might feel the need to improve and beautify your home, too. You might want to buy furniture or something ornamental and decorative, for home improvement. Good time to check real estate! Good deals will find their way to you, pag nandito si Venus.

On the 11th, a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your 2nd house of Personal income/finances, Material Possessions and Self Worth. New beginnings are in store for you and your ability to earn, dear Cancer. Eclipses are like wildcards, and this one brings strong changes in the way you receive your income, and in the way you measure your own values and self worth. Madaming challenging situations in store for you, pero ultimately, at the end of its influence, eclipses bring about positive, much needed change. You might feel a bit shaken while going through this, plus, nakakalow self esteem din talaga pag cash stripped. But remember, the pot of gold is in the end of the rainbow, dear Cancer. In this case, do the work, and you can expect more than a pot, most definitely. Much more 🙂

On the 13th, RETROGRADE MARS moves back into your 7th house of Relationships and Committed Partnerships. Pwede magkaroon ngayon ng relationship complications. Ang init ng ulo pwedeng lumabas ngayon sa relationships, so  try to be as patient as possible, kasi pwede maging make or break ang period na ‘to. Do not be afraid, kayang-kaya yan 🙂  Click HERE for your detailed MARS Retrograde tips and forcast!

On the 20th, MERCURY turns direct in your solar 2nd house of Personal Income/Finance, Possessions and Self-Worth. This will bring alot of relief – the Solar Eclipse pushes for evolution and change, but Mercury retrograde holds you back. Ngayon, in harmony na ang energies in your income house, and mararamdaman mo talaga yung difference. Conversations and financial deals will significantly be smoother, with less hassles, if any at all. Favorable na to schedule contract signings and important meetings ngayon, now that Mercury has turned direct.  Sa Wakas! 

On the 24th, the SUN enters your solar 3rd house of Communications, Thinking, Immediate Environment and Siblings. Your attention turns outwards, but too far out – it settles in your immediate environment and neighborhood, for the time being. Social time ngayon for you – madaming gusto kumausap sa’yo na mga kapitbahay, or maybe you immerse yourself in a project that benifits your immediate community. Take extra care not to engage in too much chismis, kasi communicative ka and eager to chika ngayon. This is also a very good time to check on your siblings – kailang ba kayo huling nag bonding? Baka matagal-tagal na din. If so, now is a great time to reach out and say hello ❤

On the 26th, a FULL MOON happens in your solar 9th house of Higher Learning, Belief Systems, Foreigners and Foreign Travel. Full Moons helps us process endings, so new beginnings can take place. Ngayon, mas may ability ka to see the “bigger picture”. There is a strength emerging from inside you this time, as you feel your mind expand through this season – so much growth has happened, so many changes – perhaps may mga oras na you felt like you were streching your limits. You may be wrapping up a project concerning a foreigner, or perhaps ending some sort of association with someone or something that is foreign related. Mejo muni-muni ang mood, pero understanding precisely what lead you there allows you to peacefully move forward without unneccessary chains binding you to the past. ❤

On the 28th, MARS turns direct! Yahoo!!! Things will soon be back to normal in terms of energy and tempers. Isapuso mo lahat ng mga natutunan this period, dahil makakatulong talaga yan sa’yo. Good riddance, Mars Retrograde! Well, at least until September 2020, when it shakes up your 10th house of Career and Public Persona. Pero matagal pa yan, for now, relax muna and enjoy!!! ❤

Good Luck, dear Cancer! See you next month!