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Welcome to your COSMIC WEATHER REPORT, for April! ♥️

The month stars of a bit slow and hazy, kasi even though Mercury is moving direct already, it is still in conjunction with Neptune, who brings fog and confusion, in a part of the sky where Mercury is weak and in detriment. From the 18th onwards, our mental clarity returns and picks up, so if kaya, it’s best to put off extremely important decisions until then!

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For the whole Month, MARS travels through your solar 6th House of Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service. 

Work work work pa din this month, dear Capricorn! What’s new? hehe. Busy ang day-to-day mo this month, usually may dagdag sa workload during this transit. Kaya mo naman yan kasi dito nakafocus ang energy mo. Careful lang kasi you may be a little impatient towards your co-workers this month, so possible and arguments or tampuhans. Also, there may be adjustments needed for work and your day to day routines, na medyo hassle sa umpisa. Di bale, it’s a chance to practice perseverance, no one does that better than you anyway. Try to take extra care of yourself this month too, kasi stress can make you more prone to little sicknesses like fevers and colds. Make sure malakas ang resistensya mo, mag vitamins palagi if possible!

On the 5th of the Month, a NEW MOON happens in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

New Moon energy brings us chances for new beginnings. Windows of opportunities open now, when it comes to the homefront. Are you starting a new project that has anything to do with your home or your family? Madami sa inyo ang maglilipat ng bahay, or magkakaroon ng bagong panimula when it comes to things of the home – rennovations, maybe a new child, or a new family member through marriage – lahat yan possible ngayon.  This is a good period to renew your relationship with family, most especially your parents. Also, this is a good time to buy or sell a house or even just land – or if you are thinking of selling or investing, it’s worth looking into.

Make a list of the things that you want to acheive regarding your home and family. Reflect and list it down. Parang letter sa Universe ‘yan. The energy for manifestation is strong now, and sabi nga nila, ask and you shall receive!

On the 18th, MERCURY enters your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

With Mercury here, the mental focus zooms in on the 4th House too, so it’s posible na ngayon mo maisipan ng paraan kung paano magmamaterialize ang mga reflection mo during the recent New Moon. Practical solutions to any family issues may suddenly come up in your mind – take note of your ideas, do not discount them! Important conversations may happen between you and you family members, lalo na with parents. Take note of the wisdom imparted, makakatulong yan sa’yo in the future. This is also a great time for sales talk, if you are selling land! If buying naman, this period is favorable too, kasi mataas ang mental rapport mo with good deals regarding land, property and homes. Take advantage of this!

On the 19th, a FULL MOON Happens in your solar 10th House of Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona.

Perhaps there are cycles ending in terms of your career – a project closing, a decision to move forward and find new avenues to conquer. Pwede may bago kang mga task on hand, but emotionally, hindi mo na napapakawalan ang mga previous projects mo. Pwedeng naman na simple manifestation lang, like feeling that you are not happy with your current position and gusto mo i-discuss ito with your employer. Possible din na marealize mo na hindi ka na talaga happy sa trabaho mo, as a whole. Whatever it is, now is a good time to accept your inner changes, and let go of what is holding you back. New beginnings are always great, but first, we have to deal with endings. Palayain mo na ang mga bagay na wala ng purpose sa’yo, to make room for the next challenge, the next adventure!

On the 21st, VENUS joins the party in your solar 4th House of Home, Family, Roots and Land.

Your focus turns inward, as matters of family and home take centerstage, dear Capricorn. Extra affectionate and  malambing ka sakanila ngayon, kaya perfect time ngayon mag family bonding. Wherever Venus is, that is where you are most magnetic, and for now, it adds charm and ease in your family interactions, especially with your parents, or parental figures. Good time to ask for favors sa parents, but within reason naman ha! Venus din symbolizes beauty, so you might find youself shopping for things that will beautify your home. Gusto mo mag renovate, or to spend for your family. Be mindful, because Venus also tends to overindulge! ‘Di bale, para naman sa pamilya ‘yan.

Also, on the 21st, the SUN enters your solar 5th House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children! 

Time to let the sunshine in, dear Capricorn! The 5th house is the place of happy hearts, and with the Sun here, light will shine on whatever brings you love and enjoyment. For parents, you may find this period extra enjoyable, when it comes to your children! Your inner child kasi comes out now, too, so you can relate to each other in a pure, authentic way. Romance may find you now, as you are more affectionate and receptive towards expressions of love. Malambing ka ngayon, kumabaga! Kung may partner na, this is a good time to do fun things together, so go out on a date, and enjoy each other’s company! With your Sun in your house of romance and creativity for the next 4 weeks, this period is indeed the perfect time to be in-love, to be inspired and to create! Malamang-lamang, maganda ang magiging output! WHat a goodtransit to close the month with!

Good Luck Capricorn! See you next month!