2022 MARS RETROGRADE:09 Sagittarius

Hello, Sagittariu!

Welcome to your ⭑ 2022 MARS RETROGRADE ⭑ Survival Guide!

After almost two years, here we are again, under the effect of a retrograding Mars. Your committed relationships/partnerships may encounter duress, and arguments now may lead to an emotional gridlock. Pag baliktad si Mars, the energy is slower. Goals and tasks take much longer to accomplish, but no worries! If navigated well, you can emerge from this with more wisdom, unscathed and happier even!

‘Tis also the season of laziness, with MARS turning backwards, tapos malamig, maulan. It may seem so difficult to get things done, so it might be best to save significant endeavors either before or after this period.  Mars retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Maximum effort usually yields minimum results, kaya nakakawala lalo ng gana. 

Also, with Mars also retrograding in Gemini the sign of communication, data and information, clashes of words and thoughts may lead to a standstill of action, and instead of moving forward, natetengga sa arbitrary discussions. Parang court case na stuck sa courts ng ilang taon na, puro appeal, tapos sa daming ebidensya on both ends, hindi na lalo makausad. Puro pasabog, pagalingan, walang nagbibigay, wala din nananalo.

This is not the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to revisit and improve upon existing endeavors. Rather than starting new initiatives, it’s better to improve your current projects. This is a time  to reflect, bago ulit mag full speed ahead.

Mars starts its reverse motion in your 7th House, covering the area highlighted below:

Mars Retrograde 2022:Chart:09 Sagittarius

The 7th House Represents: 

Committed Relationships ⭑ Established Partnerships ⭑ The Marriage Partner ⭑ Mutual Commitments ⭑ Concern for Others ⭑ 1-on-1 Interactions ⭑ Socialization ⭑ Litigation ⭑ Marriage ⭑ Contracts ⭑ Others

Relationship drama up ahead! Mars starts moving backwards in your 7th house of relationships and committed partnerships, dear Sagittarius, and this may deliver intense, explosive energy in your closest relationships. Issues that have been overlooked will probably pop up now. Assertion may easily register as aggression now, and argument that ensue may easily lead to an emotional gridlock. May tendency ngayon manamlay pagdating sa lovelife, because of this. Para sa mga single, well, you may not be in the mood to mingle. Or baka sila ang wala sa mood makipag mingle sayo.

Reminders for this time:

  • Try your best to be more understanding of your partners (both personal or business partnerships). This retrograde may force you to figure out  a more evolved way of settling disagreements, kaya maaaring maraming dumating na misunderstandings.

  • Sa mga single, This is NOT the time to start new relationships. Palagpasin muna ang retrograde, if possible. Partnerships started now will not have solid ground, magiging unstable lang. Magiging sakit lang ng ulo lang in the long run! Instead, thoroughly review first if this is really the kind of partnership that you want to enter. This is true for any kind of relationship, business partnership man yan or personal.

  • Watch out for outbursts of anger, due to pent up emotions. May tendency kasi na mapuno ka na ngayon, lalo na pag matagal ka nang nag titimpi. Either sobrang sasabog ka sa galit, or sobrang passive aggressive and sarcastic ka. Try harder to communicate objectively during this time.

  • Be cautious in signing contracts or engaging in binding agreements. You may feel a heavy sense of urgency in terms of signing contracts or other memorandum of agreements, which may cause you to overlook important details. You may feel trapped once Mars tuned direct. Regret always comes through hindsight!

  • Be deliberate in your actions, and avoid giving in to haste! ‘Haste makes waste’ indeed rings true for now, and with this Retrograde Mars passing opposite your ascendant, you may be extra clumsy and accident prone from now until Jan. 12, when the energy turns direct. Be deliberate in your actions, drive carefully, and watch your step. Mahirap mag Christmas ng may injury so be careful!

  • Thoughts about your exes may fill your mind during this time. One may even make an appearance. The more difficult the break-up, the higher chance of sudden encounters. Wag ka na magulat pag nagkita kayo. Pag nilandi ka, be vigilant! Be ready, just in case!

Other Areas Affected by Mars: 

Mars rules 2 houses in your chart, dear Sagittarius. Mars being retrograde affects these areas, too. Expect slowdowns, misinterpretations and possible frustrations in these 2 areas of your life:

5th House: Children ⭑ Joy & Play ⭑ Love Affairs ⭑ Romance ⭑ Inner Child ⭑ Arts & Crafts ⭑ Sports & Hobbies ⭑ The Urge To Produce ⭑ Creative Self-Expression ⭑ The Urge To Influence ⭑ Escape From Responsibilities

12th House: Rest Dreams Collective Unconscious Compassion & Empathy Tying up loose ends Meditation & Prayer  Alcohol Drugs, Escapism Hidden Situations Hidden Enemies The Unconscious The Womb Sacrifices Endings Karma

You got this, dear SAGITTARIUS! GOOD LUCK!