2022 MARS RETROGRADE:12 Pisces

Hello Pisces!

Welcome to your ⭑ 2022 MARS RETROGRADE ⭑ Survival Guide!

Home is where the heart is, and during these next couple of months, additional tension may be felt at home. After almost two years, here we are again, dear Pisces, under the effect of a retrograding Mars! This time, however, the energy is focused strongly in your homefront. To fortify this area of life, ts important to prepare and reinforce! Pag baliktad si Mars, the energy is slower. Goals and tasks take much longer to accomplish, and communication may be hurried and confusing. However, there is no need to worry! If navigated well, you can emerge from this with more wisdom, unscathed and happier even!

‘Tis also the season of laziness, with MARS turning backwards, tapos malamig, maulan. It may seem so difficult to get things done, so it might be best to save significant endeavors either before or after this period.  Mars retrograde restricts energy and forward movement, making it difficult to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Maximum effort usually yields minimum results, kaya nakakawala lalo ng gana. 

Also, with Mars also retrograding in Gemini the sign of communication, data and information, clashes of words and thoughts may lead to a standstill of action, and instead of moving forward, natetengga sa arbitrary discussions. Parang court case na stuck sa courts ng ilang taon na, puro appeal, tapos sa daming ebidensya on both ends, hindi na lalo makausad. Puro pasabog, pagalingan, walang nagbibigay, wala din nananalo.

This is not the time to start something new. Instead, it is a good time to revisit and improve upon existing endeavors. Rather than starting new initiatives, it’s better to improve your current projects. This is a time  to reflect, bago ulit mag full speed ahead.

Mars starts its reverse motion in your solar 4th House, covering the area highlighted below:

Mars Retrograde 2022:Chart:12 Pisces

The 4th House Represents:

Home Family Private life Residential Area Land/Properties Early Home Life Roots & Ancestry Early Conditioning Influence of the Father Our Inner Base of Operations

Mars starts moving backwards in your solar 4th house, triggering conflicts when it comes to your home/family. Perhaps these 2 weeks will bring tension and arguments between you and a family member. Maybe mother dear is being extra emotional, or ang dad, extra strict. Try to be understanding, irritable ang mga tao ngayon, so intindihin mo nalang. Land disputes may heighten, and rulings may take longer than usual. It’s also highly likely for something in your house to break down, and repairs will probably be necessary.

Reminders for this time:

  • Give people space at home, during this time. Heated exchanges as very possible now, and best to lie low muna. Mainit kasi ulo ng mga tao. Sa panahon na ‘to, it’s important to guard your words, because unknowingly, you may use them as weapons!

  • Repressed anger when it comes to your parents or people you live with may come up now. If you are a parent, your child might have a lot of things to say to you at this time. When you converse, try your hardest to be as compassionate as possible. Maganda na lumabas ang mga issues para mapag-usapan, pero subukan sabihin ito sa magandang paraan. Remember: your words are really powerful, and sabi nga sa spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility, so be mindful of the words that you use.

  • If possible, do not start home renovations during this time – it is most likely to drag on and on, costing you extra. Same thing sa mga mag-papagawa ng bahay. Suppliers/contractoes may not deliver on schedule, or you may find out things are not to your liking well after, and eventually you may end up having to re-do a lot of things.

  • Uncomfortable or even painful memories may resurface during this time, the 4th house after all, also rules the past. It’s a good time to come to terms with the present, and get closure on past wounds. Let go of whatever is holding you back from living life to the fullest. This period may be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Other Areas Affected by Mars: 

Mars rules 2 houses in your chart, dear Pisces. Mars being retrograde affects these areas, too. Expect slowdowns, misinterpretations and possible frustrations in these 2 areas of your life:

2nd House: Money Cash flow Self-worth Possessions Innate Wealth Financial Security Personal Finances Personal Resources Attachment to Objects What you Value

9th House: Long-Distance Exploration Foreign Travel & Foreigners Mentorship / Teaching Higher Education The Higher Mind  Belief Systems Philosophy Publishing Religion

You got this, dear Pisces! GOOD LUCK!