Welcome to your ⭑COSMIC WEATHER REPORT⭑ for August 2022!

2022 08:Chart:04 Cancer

1-7: The month Opens with a very rare TRIPLE CONJUNCTION between URANUS, MARS, and the Lunar NORTH NODE, in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

The month opens with a rare TRIPLE CONJUNCTION between URANUS (awakenings, surprises, unexpected events), MARS (motivation, drive, aggression), and the Lunar NORTH NODE (discomfort that leads to growth/what we need to master or conquer). This is an incredible marker for change, and although this energy may be uncomfortable at the very least, this will be a powerful trigger for action and movement. Sudden realizations and eureka moments may define this week, especially pertaining to your friendships, groups, and your greater social network. With the North Node in the equation, you may feel compelled to leave your comfort zone and push forward through uncharted waters. The journey may be difficult, but it may lead you towards a deeper sense of personal fulfilment, growth, and  invaluable wisdom.

It is important to be prudent in your movement during this week, as this is volatile energy associated with accidents and earthquakes in the immediate. Take extra care, make sure you have contingencies for all your plans. Take your time in movement. Haste and rushing may lead to dire consequences, if one is not careful! Remember: slow and steady wins the race!

4: MERCURY enters and travels through your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, Short-term Travel)

Mercury in the 3rd house is always a busy time, where you may find yourself amping up on communication and community and interaction. Your thoughts are sharp and clear, dear Cancer, and you may find yourself thinking about how to improve the system, or how to help the community in these trying times. You may be socially in-demand, so ‘wag ka na magulat if madaming tatawag or magtatanong ng opinions mo. You are confident in your thoughts now, and your ideas will come across with clarity and objectivity. This is also a great time to learn new skills, so you may find yourself thinking of enrolling in a class, and getting additional certifications for a skill set. Take advantage, madaming libreng lessons online!

5-8: MARS in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains) squares SATURN in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures)

MARS (aggression, drive, motivation) engages in a tense, volatile conversation with SATURN (restrictions and limitations). This may be a period of intense frustration, as the two most difficult planetary energies in the sky square off with each other, possibly resulting to either crippling, disappointing inaction, or  rash decisions that lead to delay at the very least, or destruction at the most. Arguments may result due to points of view that do not share a common ground. Issues between certain friendships or groups on one hand, and debt on the other, may take centerstage during this time. Resolutions right now may be intensely elusive, so tread carefully! Take care with anything that involves speed!

12: A FULL MOON happens in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures)

Full moons help us wrap-up cycles, and facilitate endings, so new beginnings can occur. This month’s full Moon carries with it a foreboding mood that may feel cold and uncaring, as it is conjunct SATURN (restrictions, limitations), and square URANUS, bring unexpected change and uncomfortable awakenings. Feelings of unease that leads to detachment may be felt towards intimate partners or business partners, and others with whom you share resources or joint ventures with. Difficulties may feel overwhelming and you may consider cutting ties or finding new horizons, to keep your emotional peace. Be cautious about how you come across today, your nonchalance may seem alienating, at the very least! 

12: VENUS enters and travels through your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth)

Venus here may help boost your finances and help you to attract good fortune! With this transit, you become magnetic when it comes to opportunities for earning. For those na restricted pa din ang movement, work with what you can. Are there ventures that you can make online? Go ahead and explore options! Small bounties may appear, like presents or favors coming out of nowhere, most especially if you are Cancer rising. However, since abundant ang pakiramdam, you may engage in unnecessary spending too! You may give in to buying things that are extravagant even if hindi pasok sa budget. All in all, be careful when it comes to online shopping or kahit ordering food. Little expenses add up!

14: The Sun in your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth) opposes SATURN in your 8th House (Transformation, Intimacy, Joint Finances/Ventures)

Push and pull energy between these two areas can be expected during these days, and delays or blockages may manifest, making this a frustrating or annoying day for you. You may feel hesitant to move forward, out of fear of making the wrong decision. Money issues may come up now, and concerns regarding “cash or credit?” may come up out of the woodwork. You may find yourself needing immediate SOS in terms of your finances, or vice versa, someone may need financial help from you, and you are undecided on what to do about it. You may feel at odds, like you made the wrong decision, regardless of what you choose to give attention and importance to. Clarity may be found a couple of days from this point. Ease of movement may be expected as the transit weakens.

17-19: VENUS in your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Self-Worth) trines JUPITER in your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation, Public Persona)

A reprieve from this month’s harsh energies happen now, when the two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, converse with each other with a trine (120°), the most harmonious of all planetary aspects. For the days surrounding this transit, you may feel an almost shield-like sense of well-being, and things may start looking up for now, after a couple of weeks of rough situations and interactions. You may feel attractive and inspired now. This in turn makes you more amiable and confident, especially in your career and profession, and your interaction with authority figures. Opportunities to impress your bosses may happen now. Little favors or financial windfalls may also be part of the equation. Make sure your arms are wide open so you can fully embrace these blessings! Enjoy this little oasis of good energy, as turbulence may be expected again towards the end of the month!

20: MARS enters and travels through your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things)

Your energy tapers down and turns inward now, as it prepares for a new cycle around your chart. Oras ngayon to relax, reflect, and redefine your goals. Are you still living your truth, dear Cancer, or are you just going through the motions? Tamad ang pakiramdam ngayon, low-batt na kasi ang energy, oras na to re-charge your batteries! When Mars enters your first house after this transit, super energized ka naman, so for now, rest! What is active now is your imagination and intuition, so goal-setting ka muna ulit, to help you recalibrate, and to help you put things in perspective. Make sure you finish important tasks before this period, to maximize your energy!

23: The SUN enters your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, Short-term Travel)

The next 30 days will be a mentally stimulating time for you dear Cancer, where you will feel the need to express your thoughts and communicate more than usual. As your main focus finally settles in your 3rd house of communication, you may find yourself very busy with calls, social media, and social interactions, in general. You might also feel the need to reach out to your siblings or play a more active role in your immediate community, kagaya ng rotary, or Barangay activities. Out of town travels may happen frequently now, too, perhaps with your siblings or cousins, as you find joy now in spending time with them.  Make sure that your vehicles are all updated, if not yet, please have it checked up, just to be safe!

26 – 28: The SUN in squares MARS, while VENUS squares URANUS

Frustrating, tension-filled energy caps of the month, showing consistency in this relentless month of difficult comic weather. Disappointments and confrontations may be a common theme across the board, with will and egos colliding (Sun and Mars), and with unexpected, exciting but oftentimes frustrating situations with romantic prospects, relationships, and just socialization in general (Venus and Uranus). Tempers can rise now, and those that choose not to engage in battle often times emerge as the victors, all things considered. Let the storm pass, as it always does! 

27: A NEW MOON happens in your 3rd House (Communication, Immediate Environment, Siblings, Short-term Travel)

New Moon periods are windows of time where we may auspiciously set intentions, like planting seeds on fertile soil. Symbolically, we anchor our intentions to the lunar light, allowing these intentions to grow alongside the waxing of the Moon. And in with consistency This month’s New Moon is a bit harsh and volatile, as it is receiving heavy energy from MARS, the planet of aggression and anger, New beginnings that may feel uncomfortable, forced and even emotionally violent, may be felt during this lunation. You may experience a surplus of ideas and energy regarding your neighborhood and immediate community, and how to improve it. However, you may have difficulty in finding expression for them, perhaps due to lack of support from those around you. Arguments with siblings or extended relatives (aunts/uncles/cousins) may manifest now, if you are not cautious! To avoid heartbreak, thoroughly plan for things first, instead of pushing to apply and execute! 

Congratulations, you made it through August! Good Luck, CANCER! See you next month!⭑