2021 09:Banner:02 Taurus


Welcome to your ⭑ COSMIC WEATHER REPORT ⭑ for September, 2021.

2021 09:Solar Chart:02 Taurus

On the 7th, a NEW MOON happens in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children!).

This month’s dreamy and exciting new Moon brings you new beginnings focused on your romantic prospects, your kids, and your creative expression. This New Moon is harmoniously aligned with Uranus, the planet of surprises and excitement, and opposite Neptune, the planet of dreams and the imagination. Unexpected events, or flashes of creative ideas may suddenly pop up now, adding more texture and color to your day to day. You may start a new artistic project, perhaps some arts and crafts na matagal mo na gusto umpisahan. New Moon energy is when we set intentions too, whether we are aware of it or not, kaya it helps to consciously direct the energy para aligned sa goals mo. Are you having fun with your life? If not, what can you do to make your life more joyful? Do you want to fall in love?This is a great time to reconnect with your inner child, so for parents, this can bring in good energy towards your relationship with your kids. What is preventing you from experiencing true joy? Why are you afraid to truly express what is inside your heart? Light a candle and meditate on your goals, to help direct the energy. Making a list helps, too!

On the 11th, VENUS enters and travels through your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, and Committed Partnerships).

Your mental focus turns towards your committed partnerships, dear Taurus! You are able to communicate well with your partner during this time, and you are willing to compromise more than usual. Helpful ang energy na ito lalo na ngayon na lockdown season nanaman, encouraged to stay home. Mas patient ka ngayon so iwas LQ. If magka misunderstanding man, willing ka to talk through it hanggang magka-ayos kayo. This is a good time to iron out whatever issues you have through mature discussion. Your ability to see the other’s perspective is heightened, and this will bring you great results. One-on-one client work can be fruitful for you now, magaan kasi ang loob sa’yo ng mga tao ngayon. Madali ka nilang pagkakatiwalaan. If single and looking for a partner, this is a good window for attracting relationships kasi your energy is very attractive, and people will feel drawn to you. Take advantage by putting yourself out there!  By “out”, I meant mag download ka na muna ng dating apps. Hehe. Safety first!

On the 15th, Mars enters and transitvels through your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service).

This transit gives your staying power and stamina a much needed boost, when it comes to getting tasks and errands done, making this a potentially productive time for you, dear Taurus! Mabilis mong matatapos ang mga kailangan mo gawin, mas may focus and determination ka kasi ngayon. A thing to note is a possible increase in impatience, lalo na sa work mates mo na mabagal gumalaw. Mabilis ka mapipikon sa incompetence ngayon, especially with co-workers and employees. Hopefully wag aabot sa point na makikipag away ka, since peaceful ka naman in general. Make sure you take care of yourself during this period, prone to sickness ka ngayon due to working too much or due to pushing your body to its limits, tulad ng sobrang pagpupuyat or pagod, o kaya naman hindi pagkain ng tama. Mahirap magkasakit ngayon, so siguraduhin mo na ok ka health-wise!

On the 21st, a FULL MOON happens in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

Full moons help us wrap-up cycles, and facilitate endings, so new beginnings can occur. This month’s full Moon is conjunct Neptune (dreams, fantasies, imaginations), and opposite Mars (assertion, aggression  motivation), making this energy particularly intense and confusing. May push and pull energies going on, between wanting to be the bigger person who takes the high road, or wanting to be petty and react negatively to whatever it is that hurt you. Are there friendships or group acquaintances that are ending for you, dear Taurus? Pwedeng hindi na kasi kayo nag re-resonate sa isa’t-isa, tapos nagka lockdown, tapos hindi na rin talaga kayo nagkibuan. That is perfectly ok! People grow apart, it happens.  On the other end, may mga friendships ka ba na ready ka na i-rekindle ulit, kasi tapos na ang tampuhan,  and naka-pag move on na lahat? It’s a great time to do so. Kamustahin mo sila, if you have certain people in mind. However this manifests, always remember that endings are necessary to create space that allows the seed of new beginnings to take root. Whatever is “lost”, creates space para sa mas nakatakda para sa’yo <3. 

On the 22nd, The Equinox happens, while MERCURY in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service), squares PLUTO in your 9th House (Mind Expansion, Higher Learning, Foreign Travel and Foreigners).

The year’s second and final equinox happens now, and daytime and night time are roughly the same length, before the night lengthens, diminishing the time of light. Mercury, the planet of communications enter into a tense conversation with Pluto, the planet of intensity, transformation, and things that are not easily shared out in the open. Take extra care to protect sensitive information, because words can easily slip out at this moment. It can be the other way around too, and you may be the recipient of information that may may be unnerving or triggering. Tension-filled discussions can happen too, regarding situations that can possibly affect your relationships with your co-workers and your mentors, or possibly with your dream for adventure, versus your daily responsibilities. During this time, issues on one end can bleed into the other. Think before you speak!

On the 23rd,  the SUN enters and travels through your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service)

Your main focus now turns to your daily work and routines. Your day to day schedule takes centerstage, as your everyday hustle intensifies. Madaming kailangan gawin ngayon, madaming kailangin busisiin.This is a great time to improve your work, your techniques, and your skill sets. Your health is given alot of importance now, too, with the pandemic intensifying the need to improve take care of your body. Kailangan kasi healthy in order to be able to do more, diba? Harmony between your mind and your body, and the ability to command both, is important to you now. The potential for achievement is high during this period, so use this energy well!

On the 27th, (Until October 18) MERCURY turns retrograde in your 6th House (Day to Day Work, Routines, Health and Service).

Here we go again! With Mercury Retrograde, communication breakdown is the common theme. Naku, mag iinarte ang mga printer and other gadgets for communicating, kaya be extra patient. Kung may important messages, twice i-send. Madaming online based interactions ngayon, so make sure you have contingencies in case magloko ang internet. There is also a tendency for transportation to be delayed, for tickets to get lost, for seats to be double-booked, so when traveling, make sure you have plan B, C, D.

For now, expect little mishaps in your day to day. Nakakainis ito more than usual, kasi the effect is small little irritations that disrupt the whole flow of your day. For example, driving out and realizing midway that you forgot your wallet. you go back and become late for your appointment. Another possibility is ordering something for take out siguro as an errand, and getting there realizing they served the wrong order. Diba nakakainis, iniisip mo pa lang? So arm yourself with caution, double check everything! With Mars here, you are compelled to move forward quickly, and Mercury gives a sense of heightened urgency. Learning how to balance these energies with rationale and calm, will help you thoroughly in navigating this period!