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Welcome to  your ★COSMIC WEATHER REPORT★ for DECEMBER 2021

2021 12:Chart:12 Pisces


On the 4th, a New Moon which also happens to be a SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona).

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids. The energy for change is massive, especially for those of you born around February 27 – March 7. New beginnings may manifest, dear Pisces, but you may also be required to let go of something, in order to make space for what is to come. For the next 6 months, expect movement or substantial changes in your career, and public persona. New opportunities may be offered, and there may be new beginnings available, that, if taken, will change the way that the world sees you. Alamin mong mabuti kung ano ba ang mga gusto mo ma-achieve in terms of your career. The energy for manifesting is so strong, so take advantage!

However, an important reminder: Eclipses are shadows covering the light. May mga bagay ka pa na hindi nakikita or naiintindihan ngayon. It’s best to avoid important decisions, like tendering resignations, launching a business, or changing jobs, at least a week before and after the eclipse. May tendency na magbago ang isip mo, baka di mo lang din mapandindigan!

From the 12th-24th, VENUS (love, romance, money) conjuncts with PLUTO (deep transformation, intensity) in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

Because Venus turns retrograde later in the month, an extended conjunction with Pluto takes place, amping up power-struggles, and sensitivities in your relationships, especially with your groups, organizations and friendships. Romantic feelings towards a friend may develop for now (or vice versa, a friend may develop romantic feelings towards you), and this may bring in a sense of confusion in your interaction. Your investments too, may require extra attention for now, and a transfer in resources may manifest. Transformative confessions may also come up during this time, and you may raw and tired, overwhelmed by intense emotions. Kung pwede, do not give in to any kind of drama! Allow this energy to pass for now. Mahirap mag Pasko na mainit ang ulo! ❤

From the 13th, MARS enters and travels through your 10th House (Career, Profession, Reputation and Public Persona).

Your career receives a boost of focus and energy from transiting Mars, bringing you unending energy, dear Pisces! The planet of work and forward movement here gives you vitality and motivation, and mag i-intensify ngayon ang need mo for achievement and recognition. Super ganado ka ngayon to work, and this brings you wonderful opportunities. Self promotion may do you well, kahit na hindi ka comfortable. You may feel so sure of your goals and you may feel like you want to execute a lot of ideas, kaya conflict may arise towards those who believe otherwise. Stand your ground and don’t say yes, when you really mean no! Don’t be afraid to fight for your ideas. The potential for accomplishment is very high this Christmas season, kaya use this energy well!

From the 14th, MERCURY enters and travels through your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

This is a great time for networking and socializing, dear Pisces! The mind is focused on growing your network, and habang hindi pa encouraged ang gatherings, online social networking nalang muna! Without much effort, people will enjoy hearing your opinions and engaging you in conversation, so expect alot of calls, messages, group video calls, you name it, dear Pisces! You may also find yourself interested in social causes more than usual, and you may engage in charitable activities for the holiday season. Mataas ang effect sa’yo ng bayanihan ngayon. Political discussions combined with your advocacies may be the centerpiece of most of your conversations now, so it would be a joy if you get to talk to likeminded individuals.

From December 24-29, SATURN squares URANUS, adding friction and frustration between your 12th house (ending, hidden things, spirituality), and your 3rd House (siblings, neighbors, short-term travel)

Saturn is about tradition, responsibility, and holding fort. Uranus is all about disruptions, innovations and unexpected events. Your need to be alone and introspective may clash with the world needing to converse with you all the time. Gusto mo mag pause, pero bakit parang hindi pwede? Wrong decisions may be made based on pressure, or perhaps because of urgency. You may feel anxious and exhausted, and frankly, over-extended, as you try to understand and even appease both ends. Make sure not to over-book yourself during this time, to mitigate whatever heavy energies this transit may bring. Take time to rest, and avoid important decisions for now, while the square is activated, and while Mercury is retrograde! Rest, sleep, drink supplements, to help your body cope with the stress!

On the 19th, VENUS turns RETROGRADE in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

Venus turns retrograde this month, and issues surrounding love, beauty, and money may seem tricker than usual. VENUS would be conjunct PLUTO (intensity, transformation) for most of the duration of this period, so expect emotions to run high! Venus turns retrograde only once every 1.8 years, so this is quite an event to watch out for. For specific information about this personally affects you, check out Filstrology’s VENUS RETROGRADE 2021: SOS MANUAL!

From the 21st, the SUN enters and travels through your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

The Sun here picks up the pace of your social life. Your friends, joint aspirations, community and networks are centerstage now. Your involvement in certain organizations may be highlighted, dear Pisces, making this a busy Christmas season for you! Plenty of conversations may be had, too, about future goals and wishes. Also, this is a time when social causes are highlighted, and you are willing to take part in furthering humanitarian advocacies. You may join a group, or help one. Kailangang kailangan yan ngayon, its the season of giving! Maganda din ang mga ideas mo ngayon, forward-thinking and innovative, kaya people will turn to you for solutions – with the Sun in this position, you will be more than happy to oblige!

On the 19th, a FULL MOON happens your 4th House (Home, Family, Roots and Land).

Full Moon energy is all about culminations and completions, and wrapping up of cycles. This Full Moon  is closely trine Jupiter, giving it an expansive, hopeful flavor, right in time for Christmas!   Some of you may be transferring homes, or maybe something comes up that will require repairs or renovations. During this time, check up on your parents or family members, and make sure they are all ok. It would be  great to extend a hand and offer help in case they need some assistance. Call mom and dad, reach out and touch base! Make sure they are taking extra care, after all, we’re not yet out of the woods, pandemic wise.

On the 29th, JUPITER re-enters your 1st House (SELF, Physical Body, First Impressions and Self-Projection).

After a 5 month absence, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance returns here, continuing a period of expansion in terms of the SELF. Confidence, assertion, new beginnings, and new dreams  have formulated in your mind, and this is a great period to execute plans that showcase this rebirth.  Tuloy ang ligaya! This is a great period too for expanding businesses, or for opening new financial ventures. This expansive energy also sets the tone for 2022, which is much more hopeful and positive compared to the last couple of years. Healing can continue now, as you prepare to enter the year with a stronger, more optimistic optimistic spirit. ❤ Pat yourself on the back, dear Pisces. You made it! ❤