2021 12:Banner:11 Aquarius


Welcome to  your ★COSMIC WEATHER REPORT★ for DECEMBER 2021


Welcome to  your ★COSMIC WEATHER REPORT★ for DECEMBER 2021

2021 12:Chart:11 Aquarius

On the 4th, a New Moon which also happens to be a SOLAR ECLIPSE happens in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids, the energy for change is massive! New beginnings may manifest, dear Aquarius, but you may also be required to let go of something, in order to make space for what is to come. Expect new activations and movement when it comes to your friendships, group associations, organizations, and other social networks. Within the next 6 months, you are sure to meet new acquaintances that may eventually develop into rich, genuine friendships. Success can happen through networking and utilization of your social connections, so remember names and faces, dear Aquarius! Existing friendships too might experience a boost or a renewal of some sort.

Important reminder: Eclipses are shadows covering the light. May mga bagay ka pa na hindi nakikita or naiintindihan ngayon. It’s best to avoid important decisions, resignations, important commitments, at least a week before and after the eclipse, lalo na ngayon Mercury is still retrograde. May tendency for things not to turn out as expected, baka mapasubo ka!

From the 12th-24th, VENUS (love, romance, money) conjuncts with PLUTO (deep transformation, intensity) in your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things)

Because Venus turns retrograde later in the month, an extended conjunction with Pluto takes place, amping up power-struggles, and sensitivities in your relationships. Madaming life changes ang nangyari sayo this year, dear Aquarius. You may feel tired and withdrawn for now, and you may require a period of quiet and rest. It is easy for you to feel overstimulated during this period, so take it a bit slow, if possible! Your investments too, may require extra attention for now, and a transfer in resources may manifest. Transformative confessions may also come up during this time, and you may raw and tired, overwhelmed by intense emotions. Kung pwede din, do not give in to any kind of drama! Hindi worth it pumatol ngayon. Allow this energy to pass for now. Mahirap mag Pasko na mainit ang ulo! ❤

From the 13th, MARS, your ruler, enters and travels through your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Gains)

Expect a big chunk of your energy to be focused on your friendships and networking for the next couple of months, dear Aquarius, as Mars travels through your networking sector. There is a focus on goal-setting, and achievement may best be accomplished collectively now. Kumbaga, bayanihan ang peg! You will most probably be preoccupied with group work during this time, tulong-tulong! Energy will be spent with your friends and acquaintances, however, may tendency ka to be a little bit bossy ngayon, so guard for that! You may feel like you want to donate to a cause, or baka ma-touch ka sa mga advocacies ngayon that will benefit humanity as a whole. Act on it and help out, madaming may kailangan ng tulong ngayon!

From the 14th, MERCURY enters and travels through your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things).

You are closing a Mercury cycle, dear Aquarius, and this position allows you to be  introspective, lalo na ngayon na ang dami daming ingay at opinion ng mga nakapaligid sa’yo. Quiet time muna after one of the busiest years ever for you. Mapapansin mo na mas napapareminisce ka, at naikukumpara mo kung ano ka dati, sa kung nasaan ka na ngayon. Madaming nangyayari ngayon that can really inspire a lot of deep reflection. Since the 12th house is also the house of secrets, you may feel the need to reveal a secret, or inversely, a secret may be revealed to you. ‘Wag ma praning ha, this is not necessarily a bad thing!

From December 24-29, SATURN squares URANUS, adding friction and frustration between your 1st house (self, body, 1st impressions), and your 4th House (home, family, property)

Saturn is about tradition, responsibility, and holding fort. Uranus is all about disruptions, innovations and unexpected events. Issues about ‘selfishness’ regarding what you want to do for yourself, versus what your family requires of you can bring friction for the time being, dear Aquarius. There is so much energy to expel in your end, but you may feel burdened by your responsibilities, adding stress to a stress saturated period already. Wrong decisions may be made based on pressure, or perhaps because of urgency, and you may find yourself needing to clarify and explain yourself again and again. You may feel anxious and exhausted, and frankly, over-extended, as you try to understand and even appease both ends. Make sure not to over-book yourself during this time, to mitigate whatever heavy energies this transit may bring. Take time to rest, and avoid important decisions for now, while the square is activated, and while Mercury is retrograde!

On the 19th, VENUS turns RETROGRADE in your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things)

Venus turns retrograde this month, and issues surrounding love, beauty, and money may seem tricker than usual. VENUS would be conjunct PLUTO (intensity, transformation) for most of the duration of this period, so expect emotions to run high! Venus turns retrograde only once every 1.8 years, so this is quite an event to watch out for. For specific information about this personally affects you, check out Filstrology’s VENUS RETROGRADE 2021: SOS MANUAL!

On the 19th, a FULL MOON happens your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Fun, Pleasure and Children!).

Full Moon energy is all about culminations and completions, and wrapping up of cycles. This Full Moon  is closely trine Jupiter, giving it an expansive, hopeful flavor, right in time for Christmas!   This is such a wonderful time to reconnect with what really sparks joy in you. This is a great time to let go of anyone or anything that is weighing you down – confusing romantic prospects, unfair projects, fill in the blanks. Time to re-learn what really makes your heart happy, and to let go of those that don’t! Jupiter aspecting the moon heightens fertility, so for those trying to expand their family, this period is a great time to try and conceive. The Full Moon’s energy will help you manifest, so let go of whatever it is that is keeping you from your happiness, dear Aquarius!

From the 21st, the SUN enters and travels through your 12th House  (Spirituality, Endings, Hidden Things)

You are about to close another solar year, dear Aquarius, and the Sun here makes this a very contemplative period for you. There is a feeling of wanting to just lay low and reflect about the past, and where it has brought you. Mararamdaman mo ang pagod mo, and this is the time for slowing down and recharging your batteries.  Plenty of changes are lined up for you, and you can consider this period the calm before the storm.  This is the time to identify what sets you back. Perhaps possible traumas, if any, or just insecurities that may be holding you back from living your best life. Work towards releasing all these, in preparation for a new cycle. Take this time to reflect! Pagkatapos nito, the Sun enters your 1st house again, so energized ka na ulit. For now, take a step back, rest and rejuvenate!

On the 29th, JUPITER re-enters your 2nd House (Personal Income/Finances, Possessions, Values and Self-Worth)

After a 5 month absence, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance returns here, continuing a period of luck and abundance in terms of your income and cashflow. Tuloy ang ligaya! This is a great period too for expanding businesses, or for opening new financial ventures. This expansive energy also sets the tone for 2022, which is much more hopeful and positive compared to the last couple of years. Healing can continue now, as you prepare to enter the year with a stronger, more optimistic optimistic spirit. ❤ Pat yourself on the back, dear Aquarius. You made it! ❤