2021 08:Banner:01 Aries


Welcome to your ⭑COSMIC WEATHER REPORT⭑ for August, 2021!

2021 08:Solar Chart:01 Aries

From August 3-7, The Sun and Mercury in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Children), both consecutively square URANUS in your 2nd House (Personal Money, Self-Worth).

The first week of the month is likely to bring tension between your financial standing, and your need to spend for things that give you joy. Sudden unexpected expenses may come up, regarding your hobbies, or your children (if any). If tempted to make any big purchases, make sure you think twice, even thrice! On the upside, sudden creative and innovative ideas may pop up, so take note of everything that comes out! Pwede mo pagkakitaan yan one of these days. Be careful too with what you say during this week, dear Aries! Think before you speak! Important reminder yan!

On the 8th, a NEW MOON happens in your 5th House (Creativity, Romance, Children).

New moons help facilitate new beginnings, and this month’s unnerving but exciting new moon can signal in new opportunities when it comes to your romantic prospects and your creative expression. This is a great time to reconnect with your inner child, so for parents, this can bring in good energy towards your relationship with your kids. This is the time to choose things that make you happy! This energy can be as subtle as wanting to be more confident in expressing yourself through fashion, by wearing something more colorful, hindi lang puro black kasi feeling mo nakakapayat. This can be as grand as finally being confident enough to take the first steps and ask someone out for a date (kahit online  date lang, #ECQ)! What is preventing you from living your best life? Why are you afraid to truly express what is inside your heart? This may be a period where you are called to stand up for your authentic self. This new Moon also squares unpredictable Uranus, so expect the unexpected! Prudence is best practiced, as least for now, lalo na lockdown nanaman!

On the 12th, MERCURY enters and travels through your 6th House (Daily Routines, Health, Service).

This is a great time to refine your day-to-day routine, now in the new normal, dear Aries. With Mercury here, makakahanap ka ng mga paraan kung paano mo ma iimprove or mapapadali ang mga tasks and daily errands mo, para mas maging efficient. This transit also adds emphasis to the importance of health. Are you feeling more tired than usual? Have you been sleeping or eating well? Nagkaroon ba ng pandemic pounds? This is a good time to read and learn about healthier habits that you can incorporate into your routine. Sa youtube, madaming libreng work-outs na naka-post. Motivated ka to improve health ngayon, so take note!

On the 16th VENUS enters and travels through your 7th House (Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

Venus in your 7th house brings good luck when it comes to your one-to-one relationships. Wherever Venus is where you are most magnetic, kaya kapag nandito ito, maganda ang energy na papasok sa partnerships mo. You become more diplomatic, cooperative, and more focused on harmony. Useful ito kasi lockdown nanaman, so important na magkasundo ngayon since kayo kayo nalang din ang magkasama sa bahay. Good vibes are abundant now, so this is the perfect time to iron out tampuhans with your partner, ma-pa love man or business. If locked down on different areas, call or text them, kasi oras na ngayon magka-ayos. For those naman looking for romance, these next couple of weeks are a great time to put yourself “out there”. Download ka na muna ng dating app! Para eyeball na pagkatapos ng pandemic. Something to look forward to! Why not? Hehe, Goodluck!

From 17-19, MERCURY conjuncts MARS in your 6th House (Daily Routines, Health, Service).

Mercury and Mars meet roughly once every year. Motivation is high for now, there is a bite to the bark for sure! You can use this energy to boost your productivity. For sure matatapos mo ang mga errands and chores mo, plus more. Your mind is sharp, and you may want to take action kaagad, to execute your ideas. However, be careful too because this transit brings hot-headed energy! You may feel urgency in your actions, and anyone who gets in your way may either be toppled over, or may become a verbal sparring partner, where words can become weapons! Madali ma-trigger ang mga tao, lalo na sa trabaho, so try your best to be as neutral and to be as patient as possible!

On the 22nd, a FULL MOON happens in your 11th House (Friendships, Groups, Organizations, Hopes, Wishes).

Full moons help us wrap-up cycles, and facilitate endings, so new beginnings can occur. This month’s full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of magnification. Your friendships and groups are being updated, and old energy that doesn’t resonate with you anymore is on it’s way out, to make room for the right kind.  You may feel like ending associations with certain groups, or perhaps you may feel like certain “friendships” are not working anymore. People grow apart, it happens. That is perfectly ok! On the other end, may mga friendships ka ba na ready ka na i-rekindle ulit, kasi tapos na ang tampuhan,  and naka-pag move on na lahat? It’s a great time to do so. Kamustahin mo sila, if you have certain people in mind! 

On the 23rd, the SUN enters and travel’s through your 6th House (Daily Routines, Health, Service).

Your main focus now turns to your daily work and routines, dear Aries. Your day to day schedule takes centerstage, as your everyday hustle intensifies. This is a great time to improve your work, your techniques, and your skill sets. How do you make your daily work more efficient?  Your health is given alot of importance now, too, with the pandemic intensifying the need to improve take care of your body. Kailangan kasi healthy in order to be able to do more, diba? Harmony between your mind and your body, and the ability to command both, is important to you now. The potential for achievement is high during this period, so use this energy well! 

On the 30th, MERCURY enters and travels through your 7th House (One-on-one interaction, Relationships, Committed Partnerships).

Your mental focus turns towards your committed partnerships, dear Aries! You are able to communicate well with your partners during this time, and you are willing to compromise more than usual. This is a good time to iron out whatever issues you have through mature discussion – your ability to see the other’s perspective is heightened, and this will bring you great results. Maganda ang advise na maibibigay mo ngayon sa mga magkaaway, and you can help bring people back together with the power of your words. This is a good window for attracting love, so if single, put yourself out there!  By “out”, I meant mag download ka na muna dating apps. hehe. Online dating na muna, delikado pa mag date ngayon, saka na pag lahat vaccinated na!